Saturday, August 5, 2017

Homemade Traditional Kimchi

Korean dramas or also known as Koreanovelas started around early 2000's here in the Philippines. From then on, Korean wave has struck many Filipinos. We love Korean stars, K-pop Music, Korean fashion, and of course Korean food! These are some of the Korean dishes that we Filipinos like, Kimchi, Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Japchae, Korean-style Fried Chicken, Tteokbokki, Jjajangmyeon, and Korean BBQ. My favorite from this list is Kimchi because I can consume or pair it with a lot of food including Filipino food. Kimchi is a staple in Korea, it is their traditional side dish or banchan. It is fermented vegetables with seasonings like chili powder, ginger, garlic, scallions, and more. There are so many varieties of Kimchi, the most famous is Napa Cabbage or Pechay Baguio and Korean Radish.

You can easily buy Korean Kimchi in groceries nationwide, however, nothing beats the quality and taste of Homemade Kimchi! This yummy Kimchi here is homemade, traditional, and uses authentic quality Korean ingredients that's made by my best-friend. She sometimes prepare it in large quantity and sells to her friends and family. But most of the time it is made to order to ensure the freshness of the product. I assure you that this one's a treasure to taste! It's spicy, healthy, a bit sour, vegetables are fresh, and it's addicting! You can send your orders here in Lette's Haven, just indicate your detailed order.

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