Thursday, August 3, 2017

JAGUAR Power Bank 10,050mAh

It's a necessity nowadays to have a reliable power bank especially those who use their mobile phones frequently. You can do many things just by scrolling your mobile phone, book a transpo service like Uber or Grab, search for a new restaurant you want to try, documenting your everyday journey, all of these consumes your phone battery wildly just by turning on your Mobile Data, Location/GPS feature, or using your phone camera. And not all the time or anywhere you can plug-in your friendly charger. So many millennials prefer to have a handy power bank anywhere they go.

Before I'm not so keen on having a power bank because it's a bit pricey, I'm not sure if those mAh (milli Ampere hour) were legitimate, and if it's safe to use. But I came across this product, JAGUAR Power Bank 10,050mAh, read all the reviews, and the timely demand to buy it because I use my phone more frequently than before.

I bought my JAGUAR Power Bank at Kimstore, it's a famous online gadget store here in the Philippines. Kimstore sells Cameras, Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Music Players, Power banks, Earphones, Speakers, Action Cameras, Wearables and many more. I got my JAGUAR Power Bank 10,050mAh for ₱550 (mall price is ₱1,450 based from Kimstore). The great thing is, Kimstore offers Cash on Delivery (COD) so you won't have to leave your house or work to go to any payment centers or banks to wire transfer your payment. Aside from JAGUAR 10,050mAh, Kimstore also sells JAGUAR Power Bank 5,000mAh for 299 and JAGUAR Power Bank 24,000mAh for 890.

JAGUAR Power Bank 10,050mAh features are it has a Dual Output (DC5V 1A & DC5V 2.1A) you can charge two devices at the same time, Built-in Flash with adjustable brightness which is handy, Compatible with mobile phones, tablets, music players and other USB enabled devices, and it has Protection against overcharging, over-current, over-temperature, and short circuit. JAGUAR Power Bank 10,050mAh specifications are Input is DC5V 1.5A, Weight is 245 g, Dimension is 3.3 in x .9 in x 3.6 in, and Battery Type is Lithium Polymer.

For almost a month that I have been using JAGUAR Power Bank 10,050mAh, I'm happy with it. It can fully charge my Samsung mobile phone for up to four times, you barely feel it warming up while it is charging, the size is just right to fit in my purse, it has a light indicator that notifies you when it is full or nearly empty, and it has a bonus built-in flashlight. Jaguar power bank charging time is about 6 hours if it is empty. You can watch my YouTube video here about Unboxing JAGUAR Power Bank 10,050mAh.

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