Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Almost all of the people wanted to become perfect. They feel like they really can achieve that thing. They hurt themselves, they hurt other people because they always wanted to see perfect things.

Some kids committed suicide because their parents wanted them to become perfect which is a very bad thing. Kids were pressured to perform well and not just well but perfect. If they make mistakes, their parents will get mad or will say a lot of bad things that will hurt them. And that makes their confidence goes down. The children hides their pain, they can't speak to someone because the people they thought who can help them were the ones making their lives miserable. And this is one of the ugliest things that striving to become perfect brings. It creates fear, doubts and broken relationship.

If you want to develop a skill or start a business. What comes to your mind first? you want a very good start right? you want everything to go smooth and perfect. You don't want to see any obstacles or challenges or else you will not continue. And that kind of mentality brings you to nowhere. That kind of mentality builds the anxiety, fear and paralysis. You never take the first step, you remain the same and never made a progress. That is what striving to become perfect does... it makes you like a lost child in a park so afraid to move because of the people around you that threatens you. You were so afraid that some kind of a bad human being will take you and you can never go back home, you feel like abduction is about to take place in your life.

Why people strive to become perfect?

1. Because they were influenced by the people around them. They don't want to get criticized. They want appreciation. They want to start perfect and strive to become perfect so people won't judge them. They want to look good forever which will never be possible. Even if you are the best, even if you are the smartest and most accomplished individual... you wont escape criticism. There are lot of judgemental people all over the world who thinks they were better than you but they can't even take action. So you better accept that you can't become perfect to everyone's eyes. And let's say that you are really perfect do you think you can stay perfect forever? if you are perfect now, at some pint in your life you will still make mistakes and if that happens... you will be hurt so badly. So why not make mistakes now?, why not become imperfect now so in the future you won't be afraid to make mistakes anymore.

2. They think there is a finish line. They thought that once they achieved "perfectness" then everything will be alright and they will be very happy. They thought that no more problems will enter their lives once they achieved perfectness only to find out that bigger problems were still coming in. If there is such thing as being perfect then why are there very intelligent people who commits suicide? why are there successful individuals who were so depressed? why are the children of millionaires lost in their lives and doesn't know what to do? There is no such thing as a finish line once you achieved something great. The life goes on and on and if you are not familiar with very high level of stress and anxiety... you will look like an insane monkey wondering where to go.

So if you want to achieve more, become happy more and move faster... don't strive to become perfect. Don't over think, don't expect perfect results because it will only lead to disappointments. But still... always strive to do your best and avoid producing mediocre work. Just because you know that it will not become perfect doesn't mean you have to become lazy in your work. You still need to push yourself to the limits but be ok with the results if it doesn't satisfy everyone.

Be a fast decision maker. Sometimes you just need to decide on something, you just need to make a move. It doesn't matter if your decisions were wrong or not, just manufacture a little momentum and then don't worry about the future. Just make sure that you will stick to your decision until the end. It doesn't matter how ugly your decision was, it doesn't matter if you always make mistakes. Just keep on going and soon you will see that you were already doing better.

Always focus on the momentum and not on the looks of the situation. Most people, when they see that there is nothing going right... they will stop right away or will think that they already failed. Life is not like that, life is all about movement and facing every challenge that comes on your way. Life is beautiful but you should not expect that it is perfect and easy. Life is tough and it will never be comfortable if you are always looking for comfort, it will only become easy if you will accept that it is hard. So forget the idea of being perfect and start forgetting about your identity. Stop caring if you are doing good or not, results is what matter. Momentum will give you clues, action will take you further.

Learn to enjoy your mistakes and shortcomings. Learning to have fun when making mistakes will make you more adventurous and confident. Humiliation and embarrassment means nothing to you. Even if they laughed at you... you will still keep going and aim for your dreams and goals. The moment you make mistakes, you will just laugh at it and learn the lesson. Having this kind of mindset will make you loose, free and a fast mover. You don't hesitate, you don't doubt, all you know is you have to produce results and make your situation better. You take it one step at a time, you consider taking action as already a success.

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