Friday, September 9, 2016


If procrastination is attacking you then just ask yourself if you will still do it or not. If your answer is yes then do it, if your answer is no then stop thinking about it. Just move on and then find something that is more beneficiary. Because if you are thinking about doing it or not the whole day... you will get crazy. It is like wanting to have fun but you can't because there is a more important task waiting for you. You have to choose which path to travel. And you have to choose fast so you will feel better. You can't choose later or tomorrow, you have to choose now or else your situation will become harder. You will become crazier and you will be stressed for so long until your life completely sucks.

Just ask yourself, are you going to do it or not? answer fast and stand up for your answer. If not then not, if yes then do it, don't wait, don't engage in a lot of ceremonies before making an action. Life is not all about intros, it's more of an outro. So much introduction and no action will put you in a bad position. Do it until you finish it, do it until you feel the love in doing it. You will feel good once you start. Yes, it is a little bit uncomfortable but once you gather a momentum then everything will be easy. It is like reciting a two line nursery poem, very smooth and no difficulty in reciting it.

Confusion is the root of procrastination. You have to become bold with your answer, there is no "maybe" or "I'll think about it" answer here. If you are not sure then you will not do it, but if you are sure with your answer then you will have a direction and you will be able to do the next task. If your answer is no so be it, forget the previous task and go to the next task. If the answer is yes then focus on the present task and hammer it till it ends. You have to have a sure answer to have a sure destination. You have to be very clear with your answer so you can free your mind from worrying and feeling heavy. Your mind feels heavy if you have a pending task that you don't know if you will do or not right? So just answer the question an carry on.

Inaction is the birth of stagnation. If you will not decide now then you will remain in your same miserable place forever. You cannot move if you will not decide. It feels like you're in a foot trap and it is really painful to move your feet. Never let fear freeze you, if you can do a very simple step, do it. Even if that step looks like not a step. For example, if you are about to wash the dishes, sometimes it is hard to do that task right away right? there are more activities that are fun than doing it. So what you need to do is just pick a fork or a spoon and then run the water through it. It creates a little momentum, then start soaping it, then wash it. Then pick a plate, then do the same thing. Never look at the remaining dishes to be washed because it will make you overwhelmed. Just pick one dirty dish at a time and then wash it with soap and water. You will see that you are beginning to enjoy it and you will never noticed that you are done, it's not that hard isn't it? Just a simple action will create a momentum that will become production.

Never change your answer. If you decision is no then No, if your decision is yes then do it. Never change your decision because it will make you crazy, it will make you procrastinating again. Stick with your answer and live with it. Forget about what will happen next. Once you decide, you cannot change your decision anymore because it will make your mind confused again. Once the decision is done, go to the next step immediately. Go and take bold actions, be a grown man who can finish tasks without stopping.

Why people can't ask themselves and make a decision to move:

1. They were thinking so much. They think a lot of things, their minds were crowded. They were thinking about finishing it fast. You can't decide for something and then finish it like a flash. Once you decide that you are going to do something, be willing to take time for it and make your job great. Because rushing will only make things worse, you might even repeat some parts of your task or even the whole task itself because of the mistakes that you did for rushing things.

2. They feel they will waste a lot of time not enjoying the job. They already judged the work even though they were not starting it yet. They feel that they can do some other things that they will surely enjoy instead of doing the task that is infront of them. The truth is, any task can become enjoyable once you appreciate it and adjust your attitude towards the task. You can have a lot of fun in doing something if you will be mindful and stay in the moment. Just appreciate that you can move, watch how your mind thinks and your body operates, feel it and you will enjoy it. Time will run so fast and you will not notice that you are almost done with your task.

3. They want to get comfortable right away. They don't want complications, they don't want to get a little bit uncomfortable because they value comfort so much. I don't know what is it with comfort that people were so addicted with. Always seeking for comfort will make you uncomfortable in the end. It is a rule that will never change. Look at those lazy bums who always prioritize having fun first... their lives were miserable in the end. They don't know what to do, they don't have the habit of doing tasks right away and staying with it for so long until its completion. Because they love comfort so much, they can't even make themselves better and make their situation better. All they do is seek for comfort that will never give them any rewards in the end. All comfort gives is temporary pleasure and nothing more than that, it will make you dumb and depressed.

4. They want an easy way out. Just before they decide if they are going to do the job or not, they were already looking for an easy way out. In other words they want shortcuts. And that kind of mentality makes them stuck even more. If they can't find a way how to get things done faster than 5 seconds... they will procrastinate even more. They don't want to take a long process so they were thinking of making the job short but producing the results that they are expecting, which is very impossible to happen. That kind of story only happens in fairy tales. Something like you have a dwarf friend and he will do the job for you while you are sleeping, very funny isn't it?

5. They feel like there is a lot of time left. They always thought that their time will never ran out that is why they keep on postponing making decisions and taking actions only to find out in the end that they need to rush because the job has already missed the deadline and there were already people who's been affected from the irresponsible behavior that they are displaying.

Asking yourself is the first step for producing results, ask yourself do you want it or not? any answer will give you results but make sure that you will accept any consequence that you will get for making such decisions.

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