Saturday, September 10, 2016


If you always get intimidated by someone, if you were stunned by their presence and cannot move in a situation where you need to move... always have this mindset... ask yourself who they are.

Some people feel they were untouchable and cannot be beaten. They thought that defeat is out of their sight and it manifest because their belief is so strong and clear. They always thought they can bully anybody anytime in any situation. They display their authority without doubt and hesitation. This happens in any kind of situation.. in work, sports, fighting business, politics etc.

If you encounter someone who thinks he has the authority to win anytime, always ask yourself: "who do he think he is?" and you will be relieved. Your wagging tail will straighten up, you will begin to believe that you can stand up for yourself and impose your will the same as they were imposing theirs. But still, don't be cocky, just feel confident and be ready to take actions when needed. Because after all, we are all same humans, no one has special powers, no one has the right to abuse other people. We are all equal, anyone is beatable, anyone can fail. Anyone can become glorious, anyone can become victorious. Everyone is qualified for greatness. No matter how small, how ugly, how unskilled, how poor you are... you are still capable of succeeding. You just need to use your heart and work like hell.

What are the benefits of asking yourself who they are?

1. It will give you confidence. You will realize that they are all humans too. You will realize that they have no special powers and their strength comes from you. You give them strength because you're too scared and you cannot defend yourself. They become powerful because they see you as weak and will not do something about the situation. If you will become curious about who they are and will stop believing that they were no stronger than you then you will have power. You will be able to shine and be yourself even more. You will no longer be afraid of expressing yourself and doing what you wanted to do. It is not about being reckless or faking bravery, it is about giving yourself a chance and putting your mind in a best situation to succeed.

2. It will give you pride. It will give you pride in a good way, you will begin to think that they were not feeding you or giving you any money so what is it to be scared about? You will begin to believe that you are not a slave and you are not here in this world to just follow some orders from people who were no better than you. You will start to believe that you've been manipulated for so long and it is time to end the madness now. It is time to take the power back and live life according to your rules.

3. You will know yourself even more. If you are already questioning the capabilities of others then it means you are beginning to know yourself. You are beginning to trust yourself because you no longer want to place your fate in the hands of others. You are a thinking individual now and you will discover how strong you are, you will know yourself even more because you will explore and try to make yourself better everyday. You are no longer afraid of challenges and you are welcoming and hardship that may come to your life because you already wanted to lead and not just follow.

4. You will have a killer instinct. You were already awake if you are asking other people who they are. You already wanted to win, you want to finish until the end. You want to know how good you are and how big you can be. You will not just let the game be taken away from you. You will fight for your right and you will claim your victory whatever it takes. In other words you begin to summoned your swagger and you are willing to make a big name for yourself.

5. You will begin to love yourself. You will begin to know your value, you will admire yourself and trust yourself. You will see the difference between being scared and being a man who is willing to make sacrifices and face uncomfortable situations in order to win. You will begin to rely on yourself, train yourself and invest in yourself. You see yourself as a man who has unlimited potential and can unlock those potentials when you decide to take actions without hesitations.

Again, this kind of approach - ask yourself who they are is not about being cocky and arrogant because you will not ask them directly, you will ask yourself and compare yourself with them. Once you compared yourself to them, you will see that they are no different than you. They only thing that separates them is they are more confident, they take actions and they knew how to command people.

And you are also not instigating a fight or something. You are just opening your eyes and make yourself believe that you can also do what they can do and maybe you can do it even better. You can dominate the game, you can outclass them. You have the power hidden inside of you that is waiting to be unleashed. All you got to do is believe in yourself, face your fears and never stop trying.

Everyone in this world is equal, we are all humans and capable of achieving something great. Just be patient and your time will come. If they can win so as you. If they can become confident, so as you. What they can do, you can do it better. You can become number one. Never let someone put you down. So if you feel that you are being outclassed... ask yourself again... who are they? You know yourself but you don't know them.

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