Thursday, July 7, 2016

‎Dinagyang‬ ‎2016: Tribu Salognon

Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School crowned as this year's Champion of Dinagyang Festival Ati-Ati Tribe Competition. This was held six months ago, January 24, 2016. Relive the moment, enjoy the excitement, every step and beat of fun, and the vivid colors that makes you wanna dance with them.


We were situated at the right side stage, so my videos were from the side angle. Tribu Salognon also received special awards for Best Choreographer, Best Choreography, and Best in Performance. Dinagyang 2016 Parade route and Performance area.

Here were the other tribes' performances:
                                                            Tribu Dagatnon         Tribu Buntag Tala
                                                            Tribu Ilonganon         Tribu Baybayanon
                                                            Tribu Obrero             Tribu Panayanon
                                                            Tribu Paghidaet         Tribu Pan-ay
                                                            Tribu Atub atub

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