Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sbarro's Garlic Bread

Sbarro Garlic Bread

 Pasta without a bread..?! Absolutely not! Red sauce, pesto or white sauce, with Bolognese or meatballs, any variation is best paired with bread, especially garlic bread! Filipino households even paired spaghetti with pandesal, toast or tasty (white bread). My father loves to deplete his plate full of sauce with his tasty :) .

Sbarro Garlic Bread

 The best garlic bread for me so far is Sbarro's Garlic Bread. I first tried it when I was 19yo, on my first job, my superior gave me some during our snack bread. The moment I started munching it, it's as if I'm eating real garlic with just little bread, that's how garlicky it is and very yummy!

Sbarro Garlic Bread

I totally love Sbarro's Garlic bread because of the taste, it's not small, the texture is a bit soft, not gooey or crunchy, and the price. For just ₱16.00 each it can fuel you, paired it with just a cup of coffee, tea, chocolate or even just ice cold water.

Sbarro is giving a promo, whenever you buy 5 pieces of Garlic Bread they will give you One Free! I'm not sure if this is available in all Sbarro Branches in the Philippines, what I'm positive about is that 5+1 Garlic Bread Promo is available at Sbarro SM City Fairview!

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