Lette's Haven Profile and Statistics (as of 12-Nov-2016):

Lette's Haven is a personal blog that documents and states my experiences whether it be a new food that I tried or restaurant, my encounter with our pets, newest music, movie or gadgets, my fashion and adventures and a lot more.

Age of Blog - 5 years
Total Number of Blog Posts - 324 Posts
Total Number of Comments - 333 Comments
Blog Followers - 162 Followers (Google Friend Connect and NetworkedBlogs)
Facebook Fan Page - 830 Likes
Twitter Followers - 1,205 Followers
Instagram Followers - 300 Followers
Page Rank - 2/10
Average Page Views per Month - 8,285+ (13,274 high - 274 low)
Average Page Views per Day - 503+ (1,017 high)
Unique Visitors – 68,867+
Visitors are from – 194,387+ Philippines, 82,303+ USA, 10,043+ Indonesia, 6,990 UK

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