Wednesday, August 31, 2016


There are many information out there in the market that says they will teach you how to stop fear, control fear or get rid of fear permanently. But after trying all of their products did your fear go away? Did you transform into some kind of a daredevil that is not afraid to face anything or try anything? Did those products fulfill its promises that you will never feel fear again and you will live like a lion that can slay anyone? I bet none of those products were true. Those products' goal is to shred your pocket and take advantage of your money. They will offer you session one up to session one hundred and then you will realize that your fear is still there but your money isn't there anymore.

If you are in the state of fear what are you doing? NOTHING. You are worrying and you are producing nothing but a scared look in your face. You depict a weak image that is ready to quit at any given moment. Fear is controlling you and at the same time stopping you.

The best solution for fear is CONTINUOUS MOVEMENT. That's it, that was it. No need to buy ebooks, no need to attend seminars that are so expensive. To me attending seminars is even scary because it is very expensive and you are not sure if you will learn how to overcome your fear. So the best thing to do is just move and never stop. If you keep on moving and if you focus on what you want instead of the people or things around you then you will prevail. It's that simple.

No need for some kind of meditation or buddha mindset here, you will just move and keep doing what you can do. Forget about the outcome, forget about what might go wrong, what matters is you will execute any movement that you think will make your position better. This is very basic but not all people can do this because they were so afraid of what might happen. And speaking of what might happen, another way to tame your fear is forget about the future. Just be in the present moment and cherish every second that you can breathe. Future will come anyway but to be able to manipulate it, you must control the present first.

BREATHE. Before you execute any movement, take time to breathe heavily. Inhale belief and exhale doubts and fears. This will make you feel better, this will give you a little bit of courage to take the first step. Breathing will clear your mind, it will make you calm so always breathe every time you feel tensed and anxious. Breathing will control the blood circulation in your brain so you can think more clearly. You will make right decisions if your mind is not cluttered.

If you want to share online contents like me and you don't know what to do. It is not that you don't know what to do, you just don't want to do it because fear is stopping you. You are thinking about: "what if they don't like my work?", "what if this doesn't work?", "what if they make harsh comments on me?".

It simply means fear has stopped you already, and what is the solution for this? MOVEMENT. You do it anyway, regardless of how you feel, regardless of what people might say. Imagine that there is a knife pointed in your throat and if you don't do it... you die. This is not difficult you just need to the first step then follow it with the second step and another one and another one. You will see that while you are taking those steps you will experience happiness. It is like you are finally free from your own prison.

MOVE AGAIN. Once you finish the first set of task, move again. Never stop the momentum so fear will have no room in your head. Follow through very fast so fear cannot squeaked itself to your system. Once you make movement your priority, you will not care about what people might say, you will not care about their comments because your attention is focused solely on your action. And that is what successful people does, they move despite of people attacking them. They don't care, they just want to make results so they keep on taking action even if they are on a bad situation.

You don't even care if you are doing right or wrong. Your movement has completely numb the fear. Your movement has given you hope and belief that cannot be destroyed. You fell in love with the sequence. You're like bull with smoking noses ready to destroy whoever is infront of him and stopping him. You have a mentality of doing whatever it takes to win. MOVEMENT IS EMPOWERMENT, believe in its power. 

So if you are in a state of worry, doubt or fear now... all you need to do is decide if you are going to move or not. If you decided not to move then good luck to you, you will live a miserable life full of regrets and depression. If you decided to move then stop thinking and start doing. Time is running you have to keep going, the world is rotating, there is no room for waiting. There is no room for hesitating, there is no room for procrastinating.  Have a habit of doing, have a mentality of winning.

Every movement is right. Nobody has the right to tell you that what you are doing is wrong. For as long as it is making you feel good, do it. For as long as it is giving you result, do it. Even if the result is very tiny, continue doing it because those tiny results will sum up in the end and it will turn into bigger results. Every action is the right action. And even if it is wrong, if you keep moving, the right action will be given to you along the way. It will be given to you without asking for it.

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