Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice) from BonChon Chicken

BonChon Chicken Philippines now serves Bibimbap or Korean Mixed Rice, its called BonChon Bibimbowl! Bibimbap is one of my favorite Korean foods simply because it's a complete meal and full of flavor. Bibimbap is served in a bowl of warm rice topped with meat, seasoned vegetables, egg, and sauces.

In BonChon's Bibimbowl you've got to choose between Beef or Chicken flavor. An ala carte order costs 99, you can also have it with a side soup and a drink for 155. The ingredients are warm rice, pickled carrots, seasoned seaweed, egg strips, garlic bits, sesame seeds, leeks, and three types of flavorful sauces.

I got myself a BonChon's Bibimbowl Chicken! How to eat this beauty, you just need to mix it all up, the more you mix, the better it'll taste because the sauces and ingredients with coat the warm rice evenly. And that's it, savor each spoonful!

My review on BonChon's Bibimbowl? The serving is just right as well as the tenderness of the chicken, sauces compliments one another, the seaweed is savory, and the overall taste is good!!! However, I'm looking for a bit spiciness, more vegetables (better to munch-in with the crisp and freshness), and the rice is not warm enough when it was served to me.

You can share your #bibimbap #bonchonbibimfun experience by commenting below. For more info check BonChon Chicken Philippines.

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Mark Joshua said...

Nice! Their servings look affordable for their price. And it looks really delicious!

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