October 21, 2016


If you are a little tired and bored in your life, if you are living the same life over and over again and you wanted a little thrill then do something that you don't know. This idea is cool and will give you a lot of fun, it will bring back the youth in you. Yeah, it is a little scary but the fun is immeasurable, the thrill is nerve racking and you will feel the goodness of being scared and excited. Just a simple warning... don't get stressed if you are lost and you look stupid, it is normal, you will look like a child learning to walk and talk.

If you don't know how to play a certain kind of sport and you don't know the rules but you really wanted to play it then play it. It doesn't matter if you look stupid or not, what matters is you enjoy playing it and you fulfill your dreams of playing it. You are not getting any younger, the time is passing, if you find an opportunity to play it then go ahead, play like a child, have fun and try to learn the sport as fast as you can. You see, it doesn't matter if you are professional or not, there is no rule in any kind of sport that you have to become a professional first before you play it. Focus on having and not on playing it right, after all it is you happiness that matters and not following the rules.

If you want to go to a place but you don't know how to go there, just go there. If you have an extra money, extra time then pack your bags and go to that place. You will be lost but you will find your way for sure, it is your will to go there that will show you the way, have fun looking for the right path, enjoy being lost and of course enjoy more once you reached your destination.

If you don't know how to draw but you wanted to draw then just draw. Draw anything, copy someone's work if you want. Have fun in drawing some lines or circles, just enjoy moving your hands, even if you produce ugly results be proud of it because you made an effort. Draw anything, it can be basic or the simplest shape... draw it. It is fun especially if it is your first time drawing something, you will feel the joy, you will feel like you're a child again.

If you wanted to become rich and you don't know how to do it, just do it. It doesn't matter how you do it, just make sure you are not doing something illegal. Do it your way, make your money grow. step by step, lay the bricks, build something that you think will serve people and will give you big money. It is fun, it may take time but the process is fun, especially if you are earning and you don't expect that you will earn. It is fun to do something you don't know and you are making results.

If you found a newly open restaurant and you don't know if the food there is good, just try it. Order some foods that you haven't tasted yet. Order some meals that is not familiar to you, have fun trying foods that you haven't experienced yet. But also, be prepared to get disappointed because the food might not taste the way you expected it to taste. But the idea here is the surprise, what if the food tastes good to you? Unlike eating in a restaurant that is very familiar with you, trying something new will give you excitement. It will also give you the opportunity to learn about new foods, how fun was that?

If you don't know someone in your class and you are interested in her life, what are you waiting for? talk to her and share your ideas with her. Have fun making a conversation with her. If she rejected you then just move on and don't feel bad about it. What matters is you try and you offer her a good companionship, it is her lost if she rejected you and not yours.

Doing something that you do not know will make you grow, it will reveal some unfamiliar territories and you will discover more in life. You will learn a lot and you will be able to test your confidence. You will expand because you face the fears that is stopping you for a very long time. You will know more about yourself, you will be surprised at how talented you are and how unlimited opportunities life can offer you. It doesn't matter if you got rejected or you got lost, the growth and experience is what matters the most. There is a lot of fun in exploring the unknown territory.

October 20, 2016


If you work hard, I mean really really hard then your value will increase. You will be very hard to get. Especially if you established a reputation that you can do something great or you are building something that will stay forever.

But also take note that you have to work hard building yourself and pursuing your goals, it's not that you are working hard for the benefit of other people. Yeah, your value will also increase if you work hard for someone else, they will increase your pay, they will recommend you to other people to do the same work but in the end your value is lower than someone who works hard for himself.

Look at those people who work for others, they work hard, they become successful in some ways but the height of their success is not comparable to those who work for themselves. I am not saying that they are not successful or what they did in their life is bad, I am just sharing another perspective and exposing a different view and if you can get it then good for you.

We have someone to work for us to do the laundry, that woman is at her 50 plus or something, she really works hard. I am impressed at there because she is non stop, she is like a bull that will never stop and keep pushing until her work is done. I respect her because she is dedicated to her work and she is taking it seriously. She is very early to work and very late to go home, I think she is even working for 12 hours when she is doing the laundry for us. We were kind to her and giving her bonus and extra allowance because she deserves it. But things are not permanent, strength is not permanent, when she got older... she can't do the work that she can do before. We have no choice but to let her go because we have to find someone else that can do the work better. I guess that is just the way life works, even if you are kind and you appreciate someone, you have to make a decision that is best for you.

Look at that laundry woman, she is hardworking, she is dedicated but because she work for others... her power suddenly fades and she can't do anything about it. She doesn't work for herself so when she becomes weak... no one will need her service anymore. That situation is very common nowadays, companies will let go someone who cannot give a strong service, even though that person is a veteran.

Another example is an average-looking woman who is at her 30s, she is working hard to make herself better, she is going everyday to the gym, she is establishing her own passive income, she is making sure she is progressing and having a solid momentum that will bring her to huge success. And there is a pretty woman at her 30s who is happy go lucky, she never takes care of her figure, she ate ice cream everyday after every meal, she has a job but she is ok with it and she doesn't mind if she borrows money from others because sometimes her monthly salary is not enough for her daily needs. Now... if an average-looking guy with pretty decent life will court both woman, who do you think is harder to get? Of course the woman who works harder and dream bigger, it is because she knew she can still find someone better if she doesn't like that guy. She knew that she deserves better because she has a lot to offer.

But the pretty woman who is lazy and happy go lucky will go for a date with that guy for sure because she knew it is hard to find a guy who has a decent life and possibly will take her seriously because she was already at her 30s. She was easier to get because she doesn't work hard and she has nothing else to offer.

So the conclusion is... if you work hard and you work for yourself then you will be harder to get. It is because you know your value and you know that you deserve better. It is not being arrogant or something but you know you can be happy in your own rules and you don't need to impress other people because you have your own way of living and it doesn't matter if people likes you or not.

It doesn't matter if you are alone because you have your own empire and if they want to enter your world then they better be something else that will pass your standard.

Unlike someone who is not working for himself, he will not give himself a huge value because he has nothing to offer, especially if he is not working hard and not developing himself. Any offer that comes on his way... he will accept it even if he doesn't like it, he is very easy to get.

Look at those women who works as models for some car companies, look at them, it looks like they were very easy to get. I am not saying that all of them are easy to get, I am just saying that some of them. Just display your luxury car and show your thick stack of money and then some of them will ride in your car. Again, I am not saying all of them is like that.

But how about you display your luxury car to an average looking woman who is working super hard trying to reach something, do you think you can get her easily? of course not. That girl has a dream and she has confidence in herself, her value is bigger than those women who wear thick make ups and daring shirts. That woman will even slap you in your face if you disrespect her.

That is what I am talking about, if you work hard for yourself, make yourself better and establish your own empire then you will give yourself a bigger value, you will never feel inferior and you are confident that you can also deal with bigger personalities. They will respect you and they will think that you are not easy to get, they know you can walk away from them anytime you want so they will offer you bigger money or contracts.

October 19, 2016


If you can appreciate every second of your life, if you have the mindset of just accepting it and forgetting about how to escape the stressful moments then congratulations to you, you already found the meaning of life, you already found the key how to live an easier and more profounding life. It is like loving the randomness and being open the what life can offer may it be negative or positive. It is loving each second and having the courage to face whatever is put on your plate and learning to appreciate the beauty of negativity.

One example is traffic, if you are really in the moment then traffic won't even affect your day. If your mind is to just arrive at your destination no matter how long it takes, you will never be scared of traffic anymore. You will just enjoy listening to the FM station, smelling the car freshener and looking at the beautiful cars beside you or infront of you. You never care about the reckless and irresponsible drivers that are making your driving difficult. You feel like you're in some kind of a rhythm that makes you think the right way and make decisions perfectly.

If you are watching some kind of a game show live and you are on the studio... if the hosts call you to participate, you will participate without hesitating, some people will be scared if they were given a chance. But if you are really in the moment, even if you are scared, you will still do it because you will embrace the excitement and the nerve racking energy that is coming from the audience. You will not care even if you suck on stage, you will just enjoy the cheer, the clapping hands or even the boos. You will feel the moment and do your best to enjoy every second, you will try to win but you are not even scared to lose.

If someone is not treating you right or bullying you in someway, you can beat that guy by just enjoying the moment, you will just laugh at every situation, you will not feel bad about it. You are ok with it because fighting is not important to you, you don't care if you got verbally abused. But of course you will also fight back if you needed to, if the treatment is really unacceptable. But the thing is, you can play with the situation, you are so much aware of your emotions, you are so relaxed and you know honestly know that everything is gonna be alright and you don't need to create an outrage just to prove that you are the better person. You give so much importance to life and it doesn't matter if you look scared or not, what matters is you are still living and you know there are better things that are waiting for you.

If you are in pressure situation, let's say you have a deadline or you are in a competition that is really making a common person have a heat attack... you will not avoid the pressure because you know it is not bad, you know it is part of the design and you must feel it so you can win in life. You know that pressure won't kill you and all you have to do is feel it in order to thrive and succeed. You won't run away from it because you knew by do doing that will make you feel regretful in the end. You will embrace the stress and you are ok being uncomfortable. You know that the feeling is not permanent and facing it is the only way to feel better. You will not panic and you will not crumble, you will enjoy every second of pressure.

Being 100 percent in the moment will make you think right, it will make you choose the right decisions. You will appreciate life even more may the situation be good or bad. Of course you will also feel bad, you are not a robot that doesn't feel anything but the good thing is you know that negative emotions is just an element to feel better later. You always knew that there is nothing wrong in feeling bad and all it does is to teach you a lesson and make you a stronger person.

This is one of the best trait that successful people have.. they always live in the moment, they never shy away from pressure or any risky opportunities, they knew that it doesn't matter for as long as they are still alive and they can enjoy their life. They just face their problems, they face any challenges and they simply do their best to thrive and end up victorious. It is always a win-win situation for them. They always think positive and they find a way how to win or feel better.

So if you are facing a little discomfort now, all you have to do is embrace the stress. Don't try to escape it because it will not make you feel better in the end, you will still wonder what could happen if you face the stress and face every challenges. You will always wonder what could happen if you face your emotions and just go along with it.

Emotions is what controls people, if you can feel better anytime then you will succeed in life, if you can understand your feelings and breathe for a second instead of deciding that you will feel bad and make stupid actions then you will live a more harmonious life. Good opportunities will be attracted to you.

Life is not all about feeling good and successful, it is also about embracing any negative emotions that is playing in your system and having the ability to execute the necessary steps to feel better in the end. If you are very good in embracing stress and coping with any situation, if you can think clearly and understand that there is nothing wrong with feeling bad then congratulations to you... you can go very far. Successful people were really good because they can still move and make correct decisions despite of feeling bad.

October 18, 2016


If you've been doing something for so very long then people will trust you, people will let you do the job, they will put their faith in your hands and they will allow you to take control of the situation. That is why big companies prefer to hire people with huge experience than a fresh rookie who hasn't went to a war yet. They knew that experience is better than potential. They are willing to pay higher money for a qualified person than to hire a cheaper one that still needs some coaching.

If you have a proven track record that you did a lot of work from the past about a specific thing then you already proven your worth, people will immediately believe your capabilities and they will believe in every single word that you say. It doesn't matter what work it is that you know, what matters is you do it for a very long time and you become very good at it.

Time is a very strong ally if you use it wisely, if you use it to become very good at something then you can become a legend. For example, if you are playing guitar for 10 or 15 years without missing a single day then for sure you are one of a kind, maybe your skill level is the same as Slash or Jimi Hendrix, especially if you are serious at improving everyday.

If someone asks you how long you've been working on a specific thing and you say 5 or more years, that person will immediately say "Wow". People loves time, people loves something that lasts for so long, they knew that you've put a lot of work and you are already a professional. They will give their trust to you, they will never question your ability to finish a task.

So if you want to have a name at something, if you want to be considered as a legend in a particular subject then do it for so long, become very good and passionate about it. People will recognize your work, they will feel that you are serious and you really know what you are doing. And of course, if you are doing something for so long, you will be very good at it, your skills will be developed very well, you skills will turned into talent.

The longer you do something, the larger your name will be. More opportunities will be attracted to you, you will gain a lot of trust from others unlike a rookie who is just making his name, you already have a name especially if you have a reputation of producing epic results.

But also, you should really be good and not just some kind of a bum who has a lot of experience but is not taking his work seriously. There are some people who've been a veteran in their field but still producing mediocre works, those people remain the same, they never progress, they never make enough money.

Be someone whose people will look up to, be iconic and act like you're the greatest.

So if you are just starting at something, let's say you are pursuing a passion or you are establishing your own brand and idea. Just do it for so long, do your best everyday, time is so fast, time is a good ally. If you really love what you do, time will fly so fast and you will not notice that you are already a legend.


A lot of people still believe that making excuses will make their life better. They thought that they can get away by making a lot of excuses, they still can't see that making excuses will only make their situation worse, the funny thing is they live their life with those excuses and it seems like they can't move on. They can't progress because what they see is negativity, they can't accept the reality. 

If you want to thrive in this competitive and cruel world then you better not make excuses, instead you should find solutions, you should find ways how to make your life better. Because the reality is solutions have larger number than excuses. The only problem is people don't want to move, they want to complain more instead of doing something about their situation. 

Solutions are everywhere, it can be executed anytime, it can be used anytime. You can use the solutions that were proven effective and you can also make solutions on your own. Any solution is a solution if you will use it and stick to it until it solves the problem. 

Let's use poverty as an example. People made a lot of excuses why poverty exists. Especially the people who came from poor background and still in poor situation. They will blame the government, the economy, their parents etc. etc. They don't see the millions of solutions that is already in front of them. They can't see it because they don't believe in it. Even if you lack educational background, you can still find a job and earn some money so you can remove yourself from the statistics of poverty. There are millions of jobs out there, all you need to do is look for it. Of course if you are not qualified for the job then you should study a little bit, gather information how to do it and when you feel confident enough that you can do it then go and apply for it. Ask people who does it and how to do it, take notes, asking is free. If some people were very sarcastic and are not answering you the right way then look for other people who will give you the right answers. The help is out there if you will look for it, there will always be some people who will teach you, only if you are willing to exert an effort and help yourself. 

And even if you can't find a job, you can still find ways how to make money, find something you can sell and sell it. Even garbage can be sold, you can earn money from waste materials, so do it. And if you are not satisfied being a garbage collector then it is time to establish your own business. Just save some money, always be patient and then look for better business that will improve your status in life. it will take time but if you have a vision and you really wanted to escape poverty then you can do it. 

If you are an undergrad person wanting to make it in life, never lose hope, never make excuses because that shit will only weaken you. All you have to do is apply for a job that you think you can do, even if you are not qualified for the job, you can still get that job. There is something in faith and repetition that not everyone sees. Once you repeat something for so long and you never get tired of doing it... the universe will quit and grant your wish. 

So if you are applying for a secretary and they want a fresh grad but you are not a fresh grad... continue applying for that job, pass your resume to at least 100 companies. If no one hires you then pass for another 100 and another 100 and another 100 until the universe gets tired and give you what you want. The key here is you should not get tired, you should wait for the universe to get tired so it will grant you your wish. Trust me, I've been there before. I've applied for a position over and over again until I get the job. I never lose hope, I never stop and that is why I am already successful. 

Any solution that you can think of is right, it will give you the answer, it will put you in a better position. So once you think of a solution, do it right away, you may not get the results that you want fast but for sure the solution that you execute will show you the way, it will connect the dots. You will eventually arrive in your destination if you are patient enough. Always remember that there are millions of solutions and all solutions will show you the way, forget about the excuses because it will only make your situation worse.


If you are in the process and you try a drill or technique or something, you will wonder if it will work or not, you will look for immediate results, you will look for the improvement or benefits. But the thing is this... you will not see if something is working if you will not try it for a very long time.

The reality is everything will work, every technique or style will give you and advantage, it will make you successful if you will use it long enough. But what if you are really impatient of getting the results? what if you want to see progress right away? if you are impatient and you have this kind of attitude then what you must do is listen to your feelings, listen to your gut, look if what you are doing is making you feel good and if it is then stick with it.

Because some techniques are really effective but will make you not use it forever because it is not congruent to how you feel, you feel bad about using it, you never enjoy using it and you want to do something else. And if you feel that you wanted to do something else it means there is something wrong in what you are doing. Because in anything that you do, you should find the joy in it so you will do it forever.

Take pushups as an example, for sure it will make your body better, it will give you bulky and strong muscles, it will make your chests and biceps grow bigger but the question is... are you willing to do it forever? are you going to make a consistent effort to produce results using it? It is proven to give results but why is it that not all people are using it? because they find other ways, they find alternatives that they can use and is making them feel better. That is why they are lifting weights because it is more fun to them doing it.

What you need to do is find something that will make you feel better, if you think it is working even if the results are not showing yet then for sure it is working. Find a drill or technique that will give you fun and at the same time will make you believe that it is working because even if a drill is fun but somehow not making you believe that it is working then for sure it will not work.

There are also techniques that for sure will work but if it is also not giving you the belief that it will produce results then it will not produce results, you are just wasting your time doing it. The idea here is to look for the technique that will give you belief and at the same time will also give you fun while doing it, it will make life easier for you, you will stick to the process and eventually you will get enormous results.

There are also some techniques that looks stupid to many and it seems like it will not give you any results but somehow it will give you results because you really love doing it and you also believe that it will make you successful.

The conclusion here is belief and enjoyment, if you believe that it will work and you feel good about it then for sure it will give you the results that you are expecting. Stop complicating the process, stop making your life complex, just look for the fun and establish the belief.

But what if you really believe that it is working and you are having fun doing it but it is not giving you the results? the answer is very simple... do it longer, push harder and feel a little pain, it simply means you are lacking the effort and push. You have to put a little stress so that you will be able to hasten the process.


If you don't know what to do in life or if you don't know how to progress or make your situation better, the best thing to do is find the hole in your ship and cover it. When I say cover it, it means you have to do something about it, you have to fill what is missing.

What is missing in your life? admit it, be honest and don't be ashamed of it. Once you identify it then go ahead and do something about it. Don't hesitate, don't think twice just do something and don't stop until you find the solution. There is no way you can't find a solution if you are really into the improvement of your life.

No life is perfect, even the wealthiest and most popular human beings on earth have flaws and sometimes they also feel bad about life, that is why some even commits suicide even though they already have everything.

It is better if you will not look on what is missing in your life because it will make your life easier but what if you really can't stop thinking about it? then, the answer for this is chase is and get it because if you will not get it then you won't have it, as simple as that.

What is missing in your life? I guess most people's answer is money. So if your problem is money then do something about it, do something to earn money, do it the legal way because if you do it illegally then you will just end up in jail, your problems will just multiply. There are millions of way how to make money, all you need to do is find one thing that will work for you and do it over and over again.

Some people even have a lot of money but they still feel that they lack it, it is ok, let them work, let them fill that hole in their lives, let them earn as many as they can because they will find out in the end that it is not the solution for their problem. What good about it is they are doing something to fill that hole that they are seeing and they are not worrying and over thinking how to get it. Movement will make you feel better. What matters is you are moving and you are trying to solve your problem even if it is not really a problem.

If you feel that your problem is you are lacking a good body then what are you waiting for? do something to make your body perfect, if not perfect at least close to being perfect. Have a strict diet, eat some healthy foods, never rely on pills because it will make you suck in the end, it will only make you miserable because it has a lot of side effects. Do some exercise, do it everyday, never stop until you achieve what you think is good for you, never stop until you see the results that you are expecting. It is possible all you need to do is commit to it until you get it.

If you think that you are missing a love life then go for it, don't be scared to flirt even if you are a woman, do something to find the perfect one. Sometimes waiting is not the best thing, they say that just be patient in waiting and for sure it will come. What if you are so sick and tired of waiting? then you know what to do, sign up in Tinder or do some messaging in facebook. Just also remember that you still have to respect yourself. If you think that the opportunity presented will make you look like a loser in the end then walk away from it and find a better opportunity. Just have a mindset that there is still a best option for you so don't just grab what is presented if it really sucks.

It is better if you will not focus on what is missing in your life because that kind of mindset will make you happy and satisfied. But you're just a human being, sometimes you can't accept your life the way it is. So the best option is to find a solution, work for it and get it.

You are the only one who knows what is missing in your life so you are also the only one who can find a solution for it. Just admit what is missing in your life, if you are happy that it is not in your hands then stop complaining but if you want to have it then go and get it, never stop until you get it. If it is not really for you then you will still find happiness in the end, you will know the answer why it is not really for you but the best thing to do for the moment is try the best you can to hold what you really want.