January 1, 2017

Happy 2017

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December 30, 2016

Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies

When my sister visited Davao City for a short vacation she didn't forgot to bring home a little bit of Davao in our home. She gave us this assorted Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies candies, what a happy treat!!! Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies started in 1993, now it has more than 5 branches in Davao City, you can find it in malls, but their flagship branch is in #28 San Miguel Village, Matina, Davao City.

This assorted pack of goodies consists of Durian Yema, Yema Mangosteen, Durian Nuggets (with peanuts), and Durian Buko Pandan. What we have here is the Yema Mangosteen, it's like an ube flavored candy, but it's not.

All flavors were so rich, creamy, sweet, and it definitely taste like the natural fruit itself. The candies were a bit small so I can eat more than ten of these sweeties in one sitting. The candies have a thin shell outside and very creamy and rich center. I wonder how they do it. Sorry for I was only able to capture Yema Mangosteen candy.

Based on the packaging, these candies ingredients were condensed milk, fruit pulp, powdered milk, and all-purpose cream. Aside from this candies, you can also buy other pasalubongs from Davao City such as fruits like Pomelo, Mangosteen, Durian, other delicacies made from fruits, chocolates, malong, bead works, and more.

You can visit Apo ni Lola Durian Delicacies website or Facebook page for additional info.

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December 17, 2016

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt

Red Mango offers all natural and non-fat frozen yogurt. They only have two flavors of froyo (frozen yogurt), the Original and Green Tea. You can enjoy the Red Mango's Original Froyo for ₱90 small, ₱130 medium, ₱170 large, and ₱260 for family size. While, Red Mango's Green Tea Froyo price is ₱5 higher than the Original. The one that I got was a combination of Original Froyo and Green Tea Froyo in small size and costs ₱95. I love it, it's not sweet, a bit sour, the green tea froyo is not that overpowering, it's perfect!!! FYI, it melts quickly!!! You can also add toppings for ₱20 each, they have fresh fruits such as peaches, kiwi, blueberry, watermelon; cereals, nuts, granola, muesli, choco chips, fudge brownie, honey, oreo crumbs, red beans, caramel shell, and many more. 

Aside from frozen yogurt, Red Mango also offers Parfait, Fruit bowls, Smoothies, Sandwiches, Waffles, and other Beverages. For more info about Red Mango you can visit their website www.redmango.com.ph or their Facebook page.

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December 11, 2016

Masuki Mami House in Binondo

Masuki's Chicken Mami is consists of their homemade noodles topped white chicken meat slices, in chicken broth, and served with their special sauce and spring onions. This Chicken Mami costs 140. The taste is quite bland for me, not that flavorful and savory unless you add in their special sauce and spring onions. The special sauce is a bit sweet, salty, quite thick, and savory, it is perfect for all of their mami or noodle soup dishes as well as for their siopao.

December 8, 2016

Samanco Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Binggrae is a popular Korean ice cream manufacturer, it is known around the globe. And one of their most popular products is Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich, I guess because of its unique shape, who wouldn't be fascinated in a fish-shaped ice cream. I have seen three flavors of Samanco here in the Philippines, Samanco Red Bean, Samanco Chocolate, and Samanco Strawberry. However, I only tasted two flavors.