October 1, 2016


If you really want to stay on top or reach the top then you should be very competitive. Competitive in a sense where you are not hurting people but you are really making a very strong effort to get on top. Competitive people are usually the ones who always succeed and make it in life. This world is not easy and if you are playing it soft then you will never make it to the next level. You should be tougher than nails and more solid than rock. Being soft as a marshmallow is not an option.

There are different ways how to become super competitive. Some people thought that being competitive is simply being aggressive and always in a war freak mode. But it is not like that, there are more scientific and efficient ways how to become competitive, it not a matter of just being bossy, harsh or acting like a barbaric so other people will be scared of you. You can become silent but competitive. You can still have an edge from others without using force.

1. Study the tiniest details and always take notes. A lot of people wouldn't want to take huge information because they thought some information are not important. If you can study some more details then you already have an advantage, there are chances that you will have a big lead because you know something that they don't know. If there comes a time when some information are needed and it matches to the information you know then you will rise to the top easily. Most of your competitors are ok with what they know for the moment, they don't want to learn that is why they were always behind.

2. Always be early. Early to rise, early to work, early to sleep, early to finish tasks. If you are always early then you will never be left behind. You will be the one who gets pick first and get an opportunity first. Most people nowadays were late and unprofessional and that is why they can't get the opportunity that they are waiting for. Practicing being always early will give you a huge advantage because you will always be updated first and you will always be noticed first. Your professionalism will become very evident and that is what big company loves.

3. Make your execution fast. A lot of people will think twice, thrice or even five times before doing something, they were overthinking because they don't want to make mistakes. If you have the ability to decide fast and do something fast then you are already ahead. While they are still analyzing you are already progressing. While they are still doubting you are already moving. And even if you make mistakes, you were still ahead because you already knew what to do next time and you have a lot of time to make things right because you started so fast.

4. Look for small improvements everyday. Before going to sleep ask yourself if you made an improvement today and answer honestly. Making improvements will put you on top slowly but surely. It is a silent competitor's trick. They make sure they made an improvement even if it is very little. A lot of people nowadays were very confident in themselves and they think that they no longer have a room for improvement. If you can improve everyday then you can dethrone anyone, even the greatest. Your skills and knowledge will become bigger and better until no one can match what you have anymore.

5. Take risk. Hardcore competitors were never afraid to take risk. They knew that if they don't take risk then they are risking even more. They knew that once the opportunity is presenting itself, they have to devour it because it may not come again. They were ready to fail and at the same time they were also ready to learn. They knew that even if they fail, they can still get something, they can get an experience that will help them in the long run. Taking risk is a must if you want to succeed in life because if you do not... you will wonder forever what could have happen if you take your chances.

6. Fight your emotions. In a highly competitive world, especially if you are competing, you will become very emotional. A lot of different emotions will play in your system such as fear, anxiety and depression (if you are not getting any result.) You must have a very strong emotional immune system so your belief will come back once it is shattered. Have the strength to fight your emotions because it will always destroy your focus, it will make you quit because you will seek for comfort. Fight your emotions and never let them get the best of you so you can keep going and you will never breakdown. If you are feeling bad, find things or thoughts that will make you feel good and positive. It is just a matter or knowing and replacing. Know why you feel bad, find what is the cause of it and learn how to replace it with better one.

7. Be ready to take the blame. If you are always ready to take the blame then it simply means you are always aiming for the bright spotlight. You are taking over and you are leading them. If you can take the blame and treat it as nothing then you can rose to the top pretty easily. A lot of people were really afraid to take the blame, some are just playing the blame game. If you aren't afraid to take the blame then bigger responsibilities will be assigned to you and of course you will get the bigger rewards.

8. Be ready to hurt someone unintentionally. Even if you don't want it, you will hurt someone unintentionally as you are competing. You may step on someone without knowing it. But that is ok, that is the nature of being competitive. You need to have a hard heart and not a softer one. If you honestly don't mean to hurt someone and they got hurt, that is their problem not yours. They got hurt because they allowed it without letting you know that you've hurt them. It's their problem if they can't speak up. You may also hurt other people by just simply not giving them attention because you are so busy competing. For example, your little sister has a birthday party... sometimes you may not want to attend that party because you want to focus more on competing rather than partying. Those are the difficult decisions that you have to made if you really wanted to compete at the highest level.

9. Never give up. This is very common and everyone knows it but not everyone is applying it. If you really want to become competitive in life. May it be in business, sports or any other field... you should swear to yourself that no matter what happens, you will never give up. Even if the sun stop shining or the rain doesn't stop raining... you should never give up. That is the only way to the top. You travel the road even if it looks like there is no finish line. You hammer the rock even if it looks like it is not breaking. You will keep going no matter what.

Being competitive is not easy, that is why a lot of people gives up in the end. They can't compete anymore, they can't take it anymore. If you really wanted to become competitive then prepare yourself to get hurt, busted or fail. Competing is also the same as hurting. You hurt yourself, you hurt other people. It is what it is

September 30, 2016


No one is greater than you, what they can do you can do it better if you work harder than them and have a more laser focus than them. They were just humans too, the people that you idolized or looking up to... they were also eating vegetables, rice and potatoes. They were no different than you. They were also molded in the same iron. They were also getting hurt, they also experienced some problems, they cry and shit everyday. They were also given 24 hours a day but they were more successful than you, how did that happened?

It is simply because they use their time more wisely than you, they knew that time is very important and it should not be squandered for useless things. They just do everything to make them closer to their dreams, they do something to improve everyday and put themselves in a better situation then one day they reached their dreams.

You can also do what they did if you are also willing to do the same sacrifice, if you are willing to give up sleep and work harder than anybody else. Yes, it is not easy but it is very possible. Everyone is qualified to become great but not everyone will do everything to become successful. Some people wish that life is very easy, those are the people that never did something great in their lives. They want to have a good life but they have bad habits, and that is why success is very elusive to them. Your wants and actions should be congruent to each other, if you want to have a good life then you should only engage in good decisions and actions. You can't be good in one thing and bad on the other.

No one is greater than you, the people whom you think that are more successful than you are just people who made the right decisions from the past while you are screwing your life. They are working while you are sleeping, they are grinding while you are eating, they are suffering while you are enjoying, they are earning while you are spending, they are learning while you are complaining. Everything that you do is their opposite. So if you also wanted to become successful... Just copy their habits and thoughts and you will become like them. And don't tell me that you want to be original so you don't want to copy them, Oh common! original in what? original in failing? is that what you want? It is better to become a successful imitator than an original failure.

A lot of people thought that someone is born better than the others, they thought that greatness is in born and only for the chosen ones. They really believed that there are some people who are more blessed. Yes, there are some people who were born millionaires, but look at their lives? they were miserable, they don't know what to do with their lives because they didn't experienced hardships. Just a simple challenge that comes to their lives... they freak out and they panic. They were fragile, they were like thin glass that can be break by anyone.

But if you are one of these few people that thinks that everyone is equal and the only difference is hardwork... then you are on the right path. You just need to work harder everyday and make the right decisions in your life. You are going to become great one day if you don't stop pursuing your dreams.

Sometimes, what blocking a person from reaching his dreams is the bullshit thought that says greatness is for chosen ones and that greatness is not for everyone. I don't think so, I've been a garbage collector for years and look at me now, I am not super rich yet but I am on my way to success. It is simply because I believe that I can become great too and I work harder than anybody else. I don't even know how to use a computer before, I just teach myself because I knew no one will teach me because I have no money and I am poor as fuck.

The super key here is keep dreaming and take consistent actions. Don't skip a day without doing something for your dream. Those efforts will be rewarded one day, it is like saving money in a bank little by little and in the end when you sum up all of your money, you will be stunned that it is already big and you can already buy a Ferrari.

You can arrive in a level that you've been dreaming of. A man's level has no limits if he keeps on pushing himself. So don't be scared if your dreams were too big, you can reach it if you will believe in yourself and make consistent actions everyday. No one can become greater than you if you work the hardest. You can become anything you want, you can become a millionaire, you can become a superstar, you can become a genius... anything that you want, you can become it.

Just developed a mindset and a habit that will take you to a different height. A mindset that will not stop believing and a habit that won't stop moving. That's how simple it is but at the same time it is also hard. Sometimes you will doubt yourself if you can become great too but that is normal, no great person has never doubt himself at least just for once. Doubts and worries will always be on the way, it will never leave your mind but if you are tough enough to get rid of those thoughts then you will succeed in the end. There is no really enemy or challenges here, the real enemy and challenge is yourself. It is up to you if you will still believe in yourself if everything is not working, it is up to you if you will still move even if progress is not showing. Everything depends on every move you execute and every thought that you entertain.


You are just a human and you will feel lazy sometimes even if you are the hardest working person in the world. You will not be able to escape the feeling of laziness because sometimes your body is asking for a rest. And you really need a rest, you're not a robot who can work forever as long as your system is working. You need rest especially if you already feel weak and slow.

But sometimes after resting for a long time, you wouldn't want to go back to work anymore. Your body enjoys the luxury of resting. Your body wants to take a long vacation because it feels like it is very tired from the long hours of grind that you just did for the week. And if you were not strong enough for this temptation, you might enjoy resting a lot. Good luck to the pending goals or tasks that you have, your momentum will go back to zero again. Sometimes you don't want to even go back because procrastination has already eaten you. 

It's ok to rest, don't get me wrong. We all need it but what makes it wrong is you are starting to become lazy if you invested with it too much. The habits that you build in the past will be gone for nothing. 

So if you really can't afford not to be lazy then at least be disciplined. When I say disciplined, you are still entertaining the laziness but you are still doing your job. You are just doing your job even if you don't feel good about it. You are doing it even if you are slow and always wanting to take a nap. It's like your mind is on your job and your body is on your bed. Just do it even if you feel so heavy and tired. You will see that in just a couple of hours, your normal energy will come back again and you will be able think clearer and work faster.  

Because if you will not do it and if you prioritize more your laziness and wanting to sleep...  you can never accomplish something great, you will miss a lot of things. A day that you don't do anything is like a week and a week that you don't do anything is like a month. You will be left behind. The worse thing here is... once you lost your momentum, you don't know where to start again. You are completely lost, your mind will go crazy. You will wander like a cute and lost little puppy, there is no direction, there is no progression. How bad was that?

So just do it even if your head and body feels so heavy. Just do something but always make sure that you are not taking your work for granted. Always be attentive to details so your work will not be good for nothing. Just stay focus even if you feel so tired and your eyes always wanted to close. It will take a moment to bring back your old self again but for sure you will find that drive again and you will work harder even more. Motivation will always come back, it will be gone for a short period of time then it will come back again for sure, it will never leave you forever. Because the only way to feed your motivation is through actions. The more actions you take, the more motivation you will make. You are the one creating your motivation, it is not there ready to be used. 

Make it to the point where you have no choice but to do it, you have no choice but to take actions or else your business or your life will be in jeopardy. You will fall into a bad spot if you don't do anything, that should be your mindset. Scare yourself so you will be forced to move. 

Do you think successful people always feel good when they are working? definitely not. Some of them also wants to rest and take a break for a long time but they can't do it because they knew they can't waste a lot of time. Yes they are also resting, they were not machines who can work forever but the difference is... they can come back fast, they can move fast even if they are not feeling well. I have a very rich friend who told me that he is even working even if he has a flu or fever. He says that resting in bed will not make him feel better. He said that resting will make you sicker which is true. 

If you have pending tasks and you are not sleeping but you are just lying in bed... you will be stressed out even more because you are thinking about those tasks, you are not focused on resting. You would love to stand up but you still wanted to rest. It is a crazy feeling because you don't know what to do, your mind is going crazy. The best thing to do here is just stand up and do something, it is the only way to solve your problem. You can't solve it by just lying in bed and thinking about your tasks, it will only give you a headache. Be disciplined enough to choose moving over resting.

The best thing about being lazy but disciplined is after you've finish the tasks that you are supposed to do... you will feel so good, a feeling that is better than resting. You will feel very successful, you will feel so accomplished. There is no other greater feeling than having forced yourself to move and overcoming laziness. You feel like you're on top of the world and you are so free, it is a weird feeling but it is really good. It's like killing a bear that is trying to kill you. It feels like you've defeated a monster. 

So once you've already rested for a couple of hours... just stand up right away and go back to your work so you will never lose momentum. Defeat that laziness, just move and wait for that energy to come back to your system.

September 29, 2016


Sometimes in life you should let something out to get something better, you know what I'm saying? You should let go of people, things etc. so you can make a space for something better to enter your life.

Don't be scared to let go of things or people, sometimes it is necessary so you can move to another level. Do you want to keep the things that are no longer serving you? if you will do that then you will not find progress.

There are so many things in your life that are not serving you anymore, what's even worse is they are pulling you down. So let go of those things, don't be scared to let go. Nothing wrong will happen, you will be alright. And the good news is... having a better life will be possible, something better than yesterday, a life that is full of good emotions and success. It is not hard to let something go, all you need to do is detached any emotions from it and focus on the better things that are about to come.

If you want to learn something new then sometimes you have to buy a book. You have to let your money out so a new knowledge will come in. Never feel bad a bout letting your money out because bigger rewards will come if you gained some knowledge that will be very useful in your life. Again, you let go of something out then something better will come in.

Just like in emotions, you let go of hate, anger and fear and then good emotions will start to come in. Emotions such as joy, love, happiness, excitement will start to come in. It is a matter of what emotions you need to let out, it is a matter of what emotions to let go. The choice is yours, your emotions is your own choice, it is not other person's choice.

The rule is pretty simple, this game is just a matter of addition and subtraction. You subtract negative things in your life then you will add some positive things in your life. Pretty basic, I don't know why some people still can't get it. Some people were still being patient using the things that were already broken and associating their lives with broken people. They still think that they can progress even if they were surrounded by dysfunction. You will never grow if you have dysfunctional things and people in your backyard, it is time for you to let go and grow.

Let's take money as an example. If you are building a business, you have to let go out of your money first, you have to invest first then your money will come back to you later, it will be doubled or even tripled. How good was that?

Because you can't hope for a good life if you are not ready to leave something. That is why it is hard to change, people doesn't want to leave their bad habits because they were so fully in love with it. They want to change but they are not ready to let something go.

Look at those people who leave their own country to work for another country. They do it because they knew they can find a better job in some other places. They sacrifice, they let something out and that is being together with their family and they let something in which is more opportunity to earn more money and give their families a good future. It is pretty basic, you have to endure the pain of letting something out and then enjoy the better things that will come into your life. It is like an investment, it is painful at first but it is sweet in the end.

So find that is it that you must let go out in your life so you will be able to let something in. Find what is it and then let it go fast without feeling something for it. Let me remind you again that you want change in your life, you must take the necessary actions and do not invest in your emotions.

Because life is too short to keep things and people that are useless in your life. I think you are giving them too much favor and then you already lost the love for yourself, I hope you are not in that situation yet. I hope you can still see the things that are more meaningful to you.

And there will always be a replacement, you will not end up having nothing if you let something go out. You will still have something in return. Something will enter your life and it is much much better than the older one.

Let go of a bad relationship and you will find a healthy relationship with no backstabbing, manipulating and using. Let go of an old shoe and you will be able to afford a new shoe. Let go of a bad business and you will be able to build a much decent and abundant business. Let go of anger and you will find love.

Letting something go is difficult in the beginning but it will be smooth in the middle and very sweet in the end. You will see that your decision is right. You will see that your life is getting better. So don't feel guilty if you change something in your life especially if the change is for the better.

So if you are caught in a situation where it is really hard to let something go... Just think about the good things that may enter your life if you stop holding into something that is not serving you anymore. Imagine the finer things or people that will come and replace the weaker ones. You will have a very nice life if you can choose what to remove and what to approve. This is a matter of removing and attracting, you remove the negative and you will attract the positive, as simple as that.


Sometimes you are not using things, sometimes things, events or people are using you and you don't know it. Maybe you know it but you are pretending that you don't know it so you will never feel uncomfortable. You are happy being used, you are happy being manipulated. But beware, you should start eradicating the problem now because you might explode in the end and you may not be able to control your emotions anymore.

So what are the things that are using you? be honest, admit it to yourself so you can get rid of it fast. Accept that you've been used in the past. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is you will not correct the mistake that is happening in your life now. Because if you will continue a life being used then you won't be happy, you will be disgusted with your life and you will feel very weak. It is like you wanted to escape but you cannot because you get use to being used so much, it is in your system already and it is very hard to remove it.

If you feel like someone or something is controlling you then you must take action immediately. You must take the power back and don't let something abuse you for so long. Because your life is truly yours and no one should dictate a tempo for you, you should be the one whose creating your own pace and decisions. Nobody should control you like a robot. You have your brain, you have your body and you are the only one who can make it operate.

Things that are might controlling you that you don't know:

1. Gadgets. You spend a lot of time using your gadgets everyday. May it be a cellphone, tablet, mp4 player or whatever it is that steals a lot of your time. You think you are enjoying but the reality is you are wasting a lot of time that could have been use for making your life better. Instead of using those gadgets why don't you look for money making websites online and try earning some cash. Or why don't you develop a skill that you can use in the future? Why don't you use your time bettering yourself so that you can have a more stable and comfortable life? You see the difference?

2. Self proclaimed gurus. Not all who's teaching you something is really teaching you. Some were just imposing their will and manipulating you for their own good. If a person that has a higher position than you is not giving you something that will help your situation then that person is just controlling you. Look at those coaches who has a favoritism on their team, they are not contributing to your development right? They never give you attention, they don't even appreciate your hardwork. So what you need to do here is just be yourself, don't listen to that coach but still don't infuse some negativity on your team. Don't say anything against him, just follow your heart when you are given a chance, take the ball and show all of your talents. Embrace the situation, give all you've got once you see the spotlight. Just like the professors in schools, some of them were just manipulating you, I am not saying all of them but some of them really don't want you to learn. They are just there to get some money and pretend that they are doing their jobs. be careful whom you you listen to. You will feel it if the professor is really concerned about your learning curve or not.

3. Friends that are parasite. Not all friends are really friends, some are just pretending that they are your friends but the reality is they only needed something from you. Be careful whom you associate your life with. Some friends will manipulate you to the extent that you are going down. They will suck your wealth, stab you at your back and leave you with nothing anymore. It is sad but it is what it is so always be aware of what is going on with your circle.

4. Medicines. You think that you are using medicines to make your health in place? well some medicines are really effective but if you come to the point where you can't live without a medicine anymore then you're already been controlled by medicines. If you can survive a day without taking any of those medicines then try to do it. Taking too much medicines will make you a walking zombie. You should only take medicines if it is the last resource to make your health better but if you can find an alternative then take the more natural option.

5. Television. You think you are using TV huh? think again. Look at you, look at your brain, it was consumed by different ads, it was consumed by a lot of negativity brought by news. You're not pursuing your passion anymore, you are becoming lazy. Television is using you, the television ads were telling lies to you so you will patronize their products. All of the ads were lies, is there really a healthy hotdog? is there a bacon that has no cholesterol? is there a sugar free ice cream? is there really a 5 minute abs? None of those products were true, you better wake up before it's too late. Not all what you see in television is right, you better cut the time you spent on television and be more of yourself.

6. Social media. You think you are controlling your account but no, your account is controlling you. How many hours you waste time on social media? did you earn something, did you learn something? and if yes, how did it contribute to your life? you will read a lot of negative comments, you will read a lot of gossips. Some of the news were not even true, it is just there to get some traffic for a particular website. I am not saying that don't use social media but be aware if it is already controlling your life.

7. What is going on around you. You were so concerned about what is going on around you, you were so concerned about who is the hottest celebrity now, who is the richest in the world, what is latest gadget, who is the last man killed. Those things were irrelevant to your life and it only brings nothing but negative thoughts. So don't care of what is going on around you, just focus on bettering yourself and building habits that will make you richer, stronger and tougher. Treat your mind as a temple, never let any negative thoughts enter it. You've been controlled by these events because it somehow affects your emotions, you feel like you've also been affected if something bad happens to other people. It is none of your business if people were destroying their lives, it is your duty to reach your potential and become successful in life.

There are more things that are using you, you just don't know it yet because you are enjoying a life being used by others. In the end you will learned that you've been controlled or manipulated but it is better if you will be aware of it now so you can rearranged your life and live a batter place. You own the remote control of your life, you should be the one controlling it and not others. Press the button that says "protected from outside influence", press the button that says "playing by my my own rules". Ignore the button that says "played by everyone". You can choose any button, you can press it anytime.

September 28, 2016


Quitting is what comes to people's mind when they face an adversity that is really tough and unbearable. Quitting is the best option but it will only turn into depression if you do it. Quitting will relieve the pain a little bit but you will forever regret it. It's over when you quit, you already killed the little hope and little chance that you still have. Yeah, the suffering ends but the chance of winning also ends.

Just hang on there even if it is really hard. Just do a little, believe a little, progress a little and sooner you will see that winning is still possible. Once you get that momentum, you gotta keep it going, you gotta keep the ball rolling. Even if it looks really impossible you should think that it is still doable.

Success is not attained by being talented, skilled or whatever. Success is attained by sticking to what you believe will work. It is just about hanging on to your chosen path, do whatever it takes to sustain it and just outlast everyone. Many people are quitters, they quit right away after the first or second try, they will never try as much as they can to make it on top. They want the easy path, they want to win right away, they don't know that perseverance is the number one key to success.

It's all about weathering the storm. You don't need to see the sun, you don't need to see the light. If you can learn how to dance in the rain then life will become pretty amazing. No challenges can break you, no rocky road can make you stop. It is like being able to smile even if the world commands you to frown. It is like being able to run in a very hot weather without slippers on your feet.

It is easy to hang on there. You just need to stay there and make little progress, you just need to take actions even if it seems irrational to keep going. Believe even if you can't see something, have faith even if it seems to be over. Because you have no choice but to hang on there if you wanted to survive and win in life. There is no other way around. No miracles can save you, no magic can help you.

People with the same path or ambition as yours will give up when they suffer a lot. They will change route, they will look for an easier way out. But you're not like them, you're different, that is why you will succeed. While others have packed up and say it's over, you are just getting started. People will label you as a crazy human being because you don't want to quit even if it is over, all you can say is "it is not over until I succeed".

All of you efforts will not be wasted. All  of you sacrifices, all of your hardwork... for now it may looks like it is not working but you will see in the end that all of it has a big contribution to your success. You may not see the progress now but if you keep doing your thing, if you keep on pushing... you will win big time and you can shout to the world "I did it".

September 27, 2016


If you are feeling so bad now, if you feel like the world is punishing you because of the stupid mistake that you just did... don't worry because it will all be gone. Just wait for a few days or weeks and all of those negative emotions will all be gone, all of those bad words that you always hear will soon be gone. All of the hatred from different people will soon be gone, just learn to endure it for a moment, enjoy it because you never know... it is not there tomorrow.

Nothing is permanent in this world, even hate, even riches, even the mightiest things and strongest leaders will not be able to sustain their lives forever. Everything has an ending. The longest winning streak ends, the longest suffering ends, the longest drought ends, the longest reign ends. No matter how hard you try to maintain something... it will come to and end.

So head up and put a smile on your face, feeling bad is not easy but it will be harder if you will pair your despair with a wrong mental attitude. Just always remember that everything has and ending, you can't rush it, you can't force it, the ending will come naturally, you don't need to always pray for it. The more you want it to end, the more it will try to stay so just relax and enjoy the ride.

Has it ever happen to you where you want to get rid of something but no matter hard you try you still can't get rid of it? You can't get rid of it because the worry is still there, the negative thought is still there. So always stay calm and try to have fun while weathering the storm. Because there is no such thing as a permanent storm, it will be over soon.

Problems are not there to stay forever, some problems may take time before it ends. It depends on how you handle it. The best way to make the problem go fast is to just accept it. If you can do something then do something but if you don't know what to do, just chill and pretend that you are ok. You can also focus your energy to something else so you will not be able to think about it every now and then.

Problem is only in the mind, it is never real. Some people have bigger problems but they don't even know that it is a problem that is why it never affects them. Some people solve their problems by just letting it go away naturally, they don't even do something about it. They let time solve it.

Worrying will just make the problem stronger. I don't know what is it with worrying and people are so addicted to it. Tell me honestly, has worrying ever solve your problems? The more you worry, the more you get crazy. And one more thing, don't you know that you can still smile even if you have big problems? There is no emotion that can restrict you from smiling, you are still allowed to smile even if you have the biggest problem in the world. You can still smile anytime you want. Tough people have the ability to still smile even if they world is punishing them. It is not faking toughness, they are just ok with what is going on with their lives and they knew that it will be over soon.