Monday, March 19, 2018

Unlimited Yakult Hack, Smart C + Yakult

This is the new craze in town... Unlimited Yakult Hack! 

Who doesn't love or crave for the sweetness and a bit tangy flavor of this cultured milk...? Everyone of us is wishing that we can have this Yakult Probiotic Drink in a big bottle. But, ever since it started manufacturing here in the Philippines, Yakult has always been 80ml in size.

A couple of weeks ago, this Unlimited Yakult hack started to go viral in social media. And I wouldn't miss to try it!!! 

What we need are Smart C+ Lemon Squeeze Juice Drink and Yakult.

In the viral post, the measurement is 1 Yakult (80ml) and approximately 400ml of Smart C+ Lemon Squeeze Juice Drink.

I wanted my Unli Yakult to be more Yakult tasting so I improve it using less Smart C+.

Here's my version of Smart C + Yakult:
»1 Yakult (80ml)
»Approximately 200ml Smart C+ Lemon Squeeze Juice Drink
Grab a Glass and add some ice cubes.
Pour in 1 small bottle of Yakult.
Fill the glass with Smart C+ Lemon Squeeze Juice Drink.
Stir a little and enjoy while it's cold.

Yakult 80ml x 5 small bottles is ₱40
Smart C+ 1L is 36.50

My verdict... Yes it's legitimate, Smart C + Yakult taste more likely as Yakult!!!
P.S. some people who tried this reported slight stomachache I think due to the combination of milk and lemon. However, in this case I didn't experience any stomachache.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hwaroro Korean Grill Restaurant & Buffet

Unlimited Korean Pork and Beef Barbecue for 2 hours is only ₱399. But wait there's also ready made dishes and some desserts that are included.

Hwaroro Korean Grill Restaurant & Buffet is located at 1st Floor Kalayaan Plaza Building, 89 Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. Aside from the Korean-style Buffet, you can also order a la carte dishes like Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Kimchi-jjigae, Ramyun and many more.

As you can see the restaurant is quite large, for sure this is full packed with people during their peak hours which is 7pm-9pm.

Aside from their table top grills, Hwaroro also has hanging exhaust vent to prevent the smoky environment which always occurs with this type of restaurants.

Here are the other included dishes in the Unlimited Samgyeopsal & Beef BBQ.

They also have Japchae, Gimbap and Assorted Banchan.

Here's the condiments and banchan section, as well as the veggies for Korean BBQ Wrap.

Some goodies to end your meal with a smile!

I didn't dine-in in Hwaroro, I just check the place and the food choices. But I like to try it in the future.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Spam Musubi Recipe

This is a Spam Musubi, a popular snack food in Hawaii. It is so famous that you can buy one in any convenient stores in Hawaii. Here in the Philippines, it became popular as a children's baon or kids' lunchbox meal, because it is so easy to prepare, appetizing to eyes, convenient to eat and delicious!

This was my first time to cook Spam Musubi and I have succeeded!!! It's pretty and yummy!!! And because of that, I'm sharing it to you guys!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Essential Items to Buy from a Korean Grocery Store

I mentioned before in my post about Wang Mart Grocery that I will share to you guys the items that I bought from there. Here it is... My Korean Grocery finds! I spent a total of ₱1,069 for all of these. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Make something grow... this is the best way to achieve happiness... make something grow in your life. Find something that you want to evolve and let it grow by working hard and giving time and effort. All of your problems will go away if you're so focused on making something grow. It will make you entertained, it will make you enjoy life even more. You can push the growth or you can take it slowly, whatever works is ok. You can always find the growth, all you need is effort and dedication, all you need is belief and having the commitment to do everything to make it grow.

Let your money grow. Save it, don't spend it, make it grow everyday, every week or every month, if you can feel that it's growing then you will feel that you're getting richer and richer... it's a lot of fun, just be patient and keep on saving money, wait for it to grow bigger and bigger. One day you will see that the wait is worth it. Growing money is like a game, it's like building an empire, you'er the slave and you're the kind. You can do anything in this cycle, you can become very creative and have a lot of fun, it's a very simple and easy game. Just think about money and do something to get it.

Let your muscles grow. If you don't want to get bullied by weak people... let your muscles grow, lift weights everyday, inject steroids on your butt but make sure you will accept the consequences of cheating. Just lift any kind of weights that you can lift, do push ups, wear muscle shirts. You need to work on this, the best thing about it is you will become mentally tough because the heavier weights you lift... your will power will be on a different level. If you have a big muscle then people will become scared of you, they will respect you. Size displays confidence and intimidation.

Grow your business. Small or big business... let it grow, work hard on it, focus on it, give your time on it. Take it seriously and you will become successful, most business fails because the owner just wants money, he is not willing to put the time and effort, he is not willing to get tired. Having your own business is really cool, you are the boss, you hold your future. It's in your hands if you're going to make it successful or not. Start with a small business and make it big as it can be, be open to opportunities to make it grow, be open to take calculated risks.

I have a neighbor who keeps on building apartments. He is rich now but he started from being a small time. He only have 2 apartments before but he keeps on adding one every year. He is the only one who is building it together with his son, it's so inspiring because he work hard for it every single day, he is not rushing, he is building his empire little by little.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bourbon Alfort Chocolate Biscuit

I'm a fan of chocolate-biscuit combination ever since I tasted Meiji Hello Panda. So I'm really excited when I opened this Bourbon Alfort Black Chocolate Biscuit!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wang Mart Korean Grocery Store

Want to try simple and easy authentic Korean dishes by yourself? Of course you'll need ingredients that directly came from South Korea.

If you're going to prepare Kimchi (fermented vegetables) the basic ingredient is Gochugaru or Korean Red Pepper Powder. And where to buy gochugaru and other Korean cuisine ingredients or food..? You can find numerous Korean grocery stores in Metro Manila and one of which is Wang Mart Korean Grocery.

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