November 23, 2016

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Hyper Cobalt

Nike LeBron Soldier 10 was released on June 21, 2016. It's a high cut basketball shoes with three large velcro straps, and it doesn't have any shoelaces.

White mesh base with Hyper Cobalt (blue) splatters on two velcro straps and a solid Hyper Cobalt ankle strap.

The price of Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Hyper Cobalt here in the Philippines is ₱6,745.

Here are the other model/colors of LeBron Soldier 10, Soldier 10 White Camo, Soldier 10 Midnight Navy, Soldier 10 Game Royal, Soldier 10 Sacramento Kings, Soldier 10 Camo, Soldier 10 Battle Grey, Soldier 10 Black Toe, Soldier 10 Wolf Grey, Soldier 10 Black Space, Soldier 10 Christ The King, Soldier 10 Gold Medal, Soldier 10 Unlimited, Soldier 10 Dunkman, Soldier 10 Bred, Soldier 10 Black Gum, Soldier 10 Team Red, Soldier 10 Metallic Silver, Soldier 10 Obsidian, Soldier 10 Think Pink, and more.

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November 19, 2016

Mesa Filipino Moderne Restaurant

I just want to share with you our food experience during our diner in Mesa Filipino Moderne Restaurant at SM City Fairview branch. First stop is the Blue Marlin Belly, sizzling blue marlin belly marinated and grilled served with a sweet soya glaze. The fish was grilled perfectly, it's so tender, and its natural juice is in there. I love the glaze; it's a bit sweet, light, and savory.

November 17, 2016

Miniature Pinscher Quick Facts

Miniature Pinscher is a small dog breed that was believed to originate from Germany. 

November 11, 2016

Yema Spread from Tooth Fairy

As a snack or dessert, you can't go wrong with Yema. Yema is a traditional Filipino sweet delicacy made of sweet condensed milk and egg yolks; some also add peanuts for flavoring. Yema and Dulce de Leche may differ in the cooking process but they were the same because its main ingredient is condensed milk. I am exuberant when I heard of Yema Spread, I quickly research it online and found about Tooth Fairy's Yema Spread.

November 4, 2016

Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bar

Classic is timeless, Magnum Classic Ice Cream Bar is premium vanilla ice cream covered in thick cracking Belgian milk chocolate shell. Chocolate plus ice cream in one and the quality is amazing. The feel of velvety vanilla ice cream is divine, while the thick Belgian chocolate shell tastes very luscious! The sweetness is just right; it's a soothing kind of sweetness! Magnum Ice Cream is in the Philippine market for four years now; you can buy it in convenience stores, groceries, or even create your own Magnum Ice Cream in Magnum Manila. Magnum Manila is a luxury ice cream bar located at SM Mall of Asia.

November 3, 2016


Everyone is strong, we were born strong. Remember when you were just a kid, you want to do everything, you want to have it now, you want to do it by yourself. You feel you can do anything you want and you want to try anything that interests you. Even if your mom gets mad at you because she said that you're too young to try such things... you're still persevering and you want to do it. You will even try a sneaky move when your mom is not watching and try to do it anyway.

But as you grow older, things have changed. You were no longer the fearless kid that was very risky before. There is something stopping you that you don't know. You become scared, you become lazy and you become weak.

Your environment played a major role why you become weak. And also the habits that you have made some impact in your behavior and attitude. But you are the only one to blame because of your weakness, your decisions and approach made you who you are today.

There are different factors why a person become weak, a lot of people don't know about this because it is not that evident and obvious. These things and habits is slowly and silently making a person very wear:

1. Using the word tomorrow. Always putting aside the important things and just doing it tomorrow will make you very weak. You will not be able to withstand any uncomfortable feelings. You will not be able to finish a task faster than expected. Even a small task, if you don't feel like doing it and if you feel sleepy, you will just do it tomorrow. And of course when tomorrow comes, you will not do it again. You will use the endless tomorrow until situation becomes worst. Tomorrow is for lazy people, it is people who were impotent. If you want to change and become stronger in life then you should not use this word, ever. Replace it with the word "now" and you will feel the strength coming back into your life again, you will feel young again. You will feel the sense of urgency and aliveness coming back to your system.

2. Always asking for help. Have you encountered someone who is always asking for help? that shit is annoying right? it is ok to ask for help just for once or twice but if the person is asking for help for a lot of times then it is not a help anymore, it is already an abuse. If you will always ask for help, you will never benefit anything. You heard me right because that kind of attitude will bite your ass in the long run. It will make you very weak because you will not be able to stand with your own feet. You cannot do something without someone's help.

I know someone who cannot even write her own resume even though she is a college graduate. It is because when she was still in college, she always rely on her friends. She let her friends do her assignments and projects. She thought that she was benefiting from that kind of setup but when it is time for her to look for a job... she doesn't even know how to start. Just like I said, she cannot even do her own resume, she doesn't trust herself because she always thought that she can't do it. She formed a habit of always asking help from someone every time she have to do something. She was so dependent, she cannot survive without someone's assistance.

3. Quitting. This shit is also dangerous. If you will always quit then you will never win, you will become a loser forever. Weakness will take over your life. If the situation turns bad, you will quit. If you think you will not win, you will quit. If you think that it is over, you will quit. If you think that there is too much work, you will quit. It will become a habit of yours that will never bring you to the last stage of greatness. You will not even compete at the highest level, you will never reach your prime. Quitting will make you weak because you will not use all of your strength to accomplish something great or to at least finish a major task. Even if you can still push, you will not even bother to do it because you already love quitting. You already accepted that you are weak.

4. Looking for other failures. Looking for someone's failure and thinking about it will also make you weak. You will teach your mind that if someone cannot do it then you cannot also do it. You will also jump into the conclusion that it is impossible because if other people that were good can't do it then how come you can do it. You will become afraid to try because you see the bitterness of failure from other people. Stop on looking for other failures because your mind will be programmed that it is difficult. Just focus on winning and making steps that will somehow bring you one step closer to success.

5. Listening to what people say. This kind of activity will also make you weak because let's face the fact that most people want to bring you down especially if you are trying to do something great. They were too jealous to support you. They will pretend that they are concern about you but there is a hidden agenda behind their advise. They will tell you that it is too difficult, that it is too dangerous, that you will never make it so stop trying. If you listen to them and believe them, you already lost because your mind was weakened and poisoned. You will no longer use your strength to pursue your dream. So the best thing to do is to close your ears and listen to your heart and not to what they say.

6. Following what everyone wants. If there is something that is getting a lot of attention, you will follow it. If everyone wants something, you will also want it even if you really don't like it. You will follow and copy what everyone wants because you are so afraid to get criticized. You will not be able to express yourself and that is a very weak move. You are holding yourself back even if you have some other ideas on your mind. You will agree to what the majority say even if your feelings is against with it. If you keep on doing that, you will become very weak because you will no longer have faith in your own decisions and knowledge.

7. Succumbing to who's in power. Following a leader that can't lead you to your own dreams is a very weak move. You don't have to follow someone if his ideas doesn't connect with your vision. This usually happens in politics, they will follow someone who is in power even if they don't agree with him just to play safe and also have some little benefits. If you will follow someone who is in power but you don't like him, you are already putting yourself in a bad spot. You are making yourself weak, you will become a puppet. You will become someone's pet, do you like that? you will be controlled forever even if you hate it.

November 2, 2016

Eduardo's Peri-peri Flame-grilled Chicken

I had heard about Peri-peri Chicken in the metro for a while now; however this is just my first time to try it. There are considerable number Peri peri chicken restaurants in Metro Manila, most of it are in Quezon City, but you can also find it in San Juan City, Mandaluyong City, Pasig City, and ParaƱaque City. What is a Peri-peri chicken? Based on what I researched, Piri piri or Peri peri is a type of chili which can be found in Africa and South American countries. The dish itself was said to originate in both Africa and Portugal, it's a very spicy dish, and chicken is marinated for many hours and then grilled.