Friday, September 16, 2016


Some people cannot display their strength without using something. These people were weak and has no confidence in their own abilities. If you are this type of person who cannot dominate without using something then you are not a dominator you are a fraud. Don't worry because your secret will be revealed in the end. There are lot of big personalities who were making it in life but were caught using illegal substances and then where they end up? they go back to zero again. People don't trust them anymore, their endorsements were terminated, they lost a lot of millions. Their dignity was questionable, people cannot forgive what they did.

Your strength is just temporary. If you are a big fan of steroids, energy drinks or any doping substances... watch out, you may gain a strength for a while but that strength will ran out in the long run. You think you are having an edge but you are not. You are becoming weaker and weaker by relying on those substances. Because you will never train so hard, you will just train a little bit and then place your destiny on those doping substances. You will not give your best anymore and grind hard anymore because you think you have a magic potion that will give you super powers anytime you use it. You will become very dependent on those substances and you cannot live without it.

You must be ok in dealing with pain. Pain is not permanent, it is there for a reason. Sometimes pain is just testing you and also making you. It is testing you if you are really deserving for what you are pursuing and it is making you a tougher person, a better person and someone who will not give up when the going gets tough. Never rely on pain killers because it is not making the pain go away, it is making the pain even worse. You think that the pain is relieved once you take a pain killer but wait for a few hours and it will go back into your body again. It will come back stronger and nastier. And the more you use pain killers... the lesser it will become effective, you will no longer feel its effectiveness in the long run because it will be adapted in your system. What you will do is you will take a higher dosage of pain killer... it  will never end, the dosage will become higher and higher until it becomes your oxygen, meaning you can't live without it. You will die if you will not take a pain killer just for one day. You will become addicted to it and you will become paranoid, even if you are not feeling pain you feel like it is painful because just like I said, you become very dependent with it. You need it even if you were only bite by a small ant.

All of your weapons will ran out in the end. The steroids, performance enhancing drugs, vitamins, energy drinks, pain killers... it will become very useless in the end because your body will become very familiar with it. It will no longer make an impact to your body, your system will not be able to distinguish its effect anymore because it is immune with drugs. The worst is you will look for alternatives that will give you results. You will look for another drugs, you will experiment until you become a drug addict who gets crazy if no drugs is present on your system.

Never borrow strength from drugs because it is just giving you a temporary power. The power is inside of you. Instead of relying on drugs why don't you develop your endurance and the ability to withstand pain. Strengthen your immune system, strengthen your body by working hard and exposing yourself to pain.

Because at the end of the day you know if you were just cheating or not. You know you will suffer in the end because of the side effects that those drugs can give so why still continue using it? You can look strong in the beginning, you may achieve small amounts of success but that won't last forever.

If you want to become strong, work for it, never use shortcuts because you will fall short. Just learn how to enjoy pain because it is the only way to get on top. It is the only way to survive. Drugs don't work it will make you worse. Anything that you put in your system that is not natural is not good. It will only give you temporary pleasure but it will give you a forever failure.

Step up your game, believe in yourself that you can do better even if you are not cheating. Greatness is the ability to face pain and play with it. It is the one who can endure pain that succeeds the most. Look at those cancer survivors... they never use pain killers at all, they just believe in themselves that they can do it and they endure the pain that they are feeling. They welcome pain, they treat it as a part of their lives and that is why they never die. They even become stronger.

Look at our ancestors, they live longer life because they were not dependent of medicines. Medicines were not known before. Because the reality is... medicines is becoming a business, it is there to take away your money and give you fast results but in the end you will still become a loser.

What you need to do is develop your mindset. A mindset that can withstand any pain, a mindset that will never give up until victory is achieved. Yes, it is easier said than done but it is possible. I am a living proof of this idea. I experienced a lot of pain before...emotionally, physically and mentally but I never gave up. I just endure those negative feelings then I transform into a stronger person. A person who will keep on living strong without the use of any illegal substances.

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