Tuesday, September 13, 2016


You are so funny, you always complain about how the company where you are working treated you so bad. You are always complaining about the salary, benefits, overtime that wasn't paid, the food, the treatment of the bosses etc. But did you ever ask yourself, who are you to complain? are you a big time person? can you offer something big? can you offer big money to the company? are you someone who will be missed by the company if you are not around? will the company stop operating if you are absent?

You feel like you are entitled for something that you are not. You feel like the company owes you shit. You should be happy because they are still giving you work even if you are such a shitty worker. What if they fired you? can you find another work so easily? Be happy because you are still earning something and you have food on the table.

The reality is the company will not love you, it will not treat you the way you expected to be treated. It is simply because they don't need you, rather you need them and that is the saddest reality. They will not be very apologetic if the fire you because of your arrogance. You think you can scare them with your resignation paper? If the company is not benefiting from you then they will let you go without a little resistance. They will be even happy because another rebel in the company is gone. They knew they can find someone who is better than you and someone they can force to follow. So who are you to act like a tough guy who can put the company down if your requests were not granted? you're just another human being trying to earn some pretty cold cash from the company. You were no different from others, you have nothing special to offer.

So just complain if they needed you more than you needed them. Complain if they will have a problem if they let you go, but if not... you better shut your mouth because you are just wasting your energy, they will let you go, if you wanted to go. They will even pack your things and kick you out immediately.

Companies never spoil employees because the always knew people were afraid to lose their jobs. They will not treat you like babies whose wishes were always granted anytime you cry. They knew they can replace you anytime so they have nothing to lose but everything to gain. They can find someone who is younger, hungrier and wanted to please the company. And don't ever be proud that you worked for so long in the company. Even if you worked for them for 25 years, they will kicked you anytime they want so don't feel secured and entitled. You're just another worker that is replaceable.

So the trick here is... make them need you, make them feel that you don't need them. This is done by being so great that the company will lose something special if they lose you. This can be done by being the number one in the company, be the best, bring a lot of money for the company so they will offer you big money too. If you can't do this then you better be satisfied with the small things that you have. If you want to go to the top you better be tough.

This idea can be applied to anywhere, not only in the company-employee working relationships. It can be applied in any relationships, goals, career etc. Be someone who is not needy but someone who is needed so you will always feel good. You don't have to look for people rather you must make people look for you by being great, reliable and always have something great to offer. They will be disgusted at you if you are always complaining but you are not doing anything. Make them feel that you are not affected if you lost them because you knew in yourself you can always have something better for replacement. You don't think small about yourself because you really work hard and put a lot of time to have better life and better people around you. You can only complain if they can't afford to lost you because you're such a big impact.

This is not about having a big ego or pride. It is about knowing yourself, value and giving appreciation for the work that you put in. People will learn if you are just pretending that you are great. They will know the whole and real story in the end, They will know if you are just pretending or really working. You can only have a sense of entitlement if you really deserve it and people will notice you if you're not around. People will miss your service if you go.

It is a sick and weak feeling if you complain but you know no one is listening to you because they knew you are nothing and you will not make an impact if you go. They have nothing to lose if they lost you. The only way to erase that is to work super super hard and show them how great you are. Make them feel what they will miss if they lost you. Make yourself like a gem and something who is really valuable.

A lot of people leave this world but their absence feels like nothing, They live their lives full of complaints and negative actions that is why when they leave... people are even happier. People don't want to see them stay because they were like bad weeds that sucks the positive energy from positive people. All they do is release negativity that never contributes to anyone's growth.

So if you want people to look for you, then do the right thing. Just give your best everyday, give fast and high quality service, inspire them, make them feel that you are really valuable and you are someone that has no duplicate. Make them feel that you are one of a kind and nobody can emulate the services that you can provide.

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