Sunday, December 11, 2016

Masuki Mami House in Binondo

Masuki's Chicken Mami is consists of their homemade noodles topped white chicken meat slices, in chicken broth, and served with their special sauce and spring onions. This Chicken Mami costs 140. The taste is quite bland for me, not that flavorful and savory unless you add in their special sauce and spring onions. The special sauce is a bit sweet, salty, quite thick, and savory, it is perfect for all of their mami or noodle soup dishes as well as for their siopao.

Masuki Mami House in Binondo is one of the famous must try restaurants in the area. It's a family business established in 1930 by the Ma family. Binondo is City of Manila's Chinatown and it is the world's oldest Chinatown. Today, Masuki Noodle House has already five branches, Masuki SM Megamall, Masuki SM Mall of Asia, Masuki Lucky Chinatown Mall, Masuki Greenhills, and Masuki Binondo their flagship branch. Masuki Binondo is located at 931 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila. The location is a bit hard to find if you are not familiar in the area, I suggest you consult Google Maps beforehand.

Here is Masuki Menu, they have a lot of noodle soup or mami dish variety. The regular and special prices only differs in the serving size, the special one is bigger than the regular. So technically it is same in taste, ingredients, and texture. I know for a fact that Masuki creates their own noodles using traditional and old techniques. Their noodles is so far the best noodles that I've ever tasted, it is long, semi flat, firm, a bit doughy and springy.

Aside from noodle soup, Masuki also serves dim sums. 

Masuki's Beef Mami is consists of their homemade noodles topped with beef slices, in beef broth, also served with their special sauce and spring onions. This Beef Mami costs 205. Beef Mami is yummy than the Chicken Mami, the broth is tasteful, though it will be more savory if you add in their special sauce and spring onions. I prefer this one!

The food that I crave in Masuki is their Asado Siopao that costs ₱55 for the regular size and ₱85 for the bigger size. The one that I had is the bigger one! It is made of soft bun and stuffed with very flavorful meat shreds. I recognize the Masuki Siopao is not that saucy compared to others but that's fine because the meat filling is so savory and delicious. I will definitely go back to Masuki for their Asado Siopao and to try also their other mami varieties.

931 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila
(02) 244-0745 / (02) 243-2674
Store hours 7AM - 10 PM

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