Wednesday, September 14, 2016


As a human being, your job is purely to please yourself, enjoy life and be happy as you can be. That is how to live life, it is about enjoying every second, cherishing every moment and not caring about what people say for as long as you are happy and there is no one affected by your actions. Life is useless if you are rich or popular but not happy. I bet you will rather become poor but very happy.

You can do anything you want to please yourself, you can be anything, you can try anything. There are no limits in this world. But there is one thing you have to remember... make sure you know the consequences of your actions. Make sure no one will get hurt by doing such things. Again, you can have a lot of fun but in the end, was it really fun? After seeing the result of your actions, are you still happy?

You can please yourself with food. You can eat anything you want. You can eat a bunch of cakes, drink a lot of sodas, munch a lot of junk foods, drunk yourself with 12 cases of beer, etc. You can put anything in your stomach and have fun with it. You can embraced gluttony and not feel guilty about it. Especially if you are burning your own money and not the money of someone else. It is really fun eating. It is a pleasure, it is very easy and very satisfying that is why obesity is so popular in the world. But.... there is a big but here. Yeah, you are pleasing yourself and you are not affecting anyone, you are not hurting anyone , you are not burning somebody else's money but once your health has issues... everyone around you will be affected especially your loved ones. Once you have a disease or something in your system that is very hard to get rid of... let's see if you can still please yourself with a bunch of shits that you are placing inside of your stomach. Again, there is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself by eating all the foods that you like but you must always think about the long run. You must always remember what could happen in the end. As of now you are not hurting anyone but always be cautious about what might happen in the future if you keep on pleasing yourself with food, especially the unhealthy ones.

You can please yourself with drugs, alcohol, cigarette etc. You can try any drugs that you want, you can get high, you can become out of your mind all day but make sure that you will not hurt anyone. We all know that drugs can make you crazy and make you do dangerous things so you better think a lot of times before trying it. A lot of people who are taking drugs were now in prison, the worse is some end up in mental hospital or in cemetery. So if drugs is the only thing that you think will solve your problem then do it, just make sure you won't kill anyone or do things that you will regret in the end. Make sure you are the only one who will be affected. My advise is lock yourself up in the room, take drugs and never go outside. That's it... have fun being crazy. Always make sure that you can't go outside of your room because we all knew what drugs can do to anyone's mind.

Another one is alcohol, yeah it is good, it is fun drinking with your friends, it is fun talking a lot of shits while drinking. But always make sure that the alcohol will go into your stomach and not into your brain. A lot of people will do stupid stuffs after drinking a lot of alcohol and they will make an excuse that they don't know what are they doing. That is a stupid excuse, if you are having an amnesia after drinking a lot of alcohol then you shouldn't have drink from the very start. Some people please themselves with a lot of alcohol then after that they became wild. They will raped someone, hurt someone or even instigate a fight. What a stupidity. And when alcohol is no longer present in their bodies... they will act as if nothing happened, they will act like innocent and doesn't know the stupidity that they just did.

It is ok to please yourself with cigarette, there is nothing wrong with that. But how about the people that is also in the area where you are smoking? do you think it is cool with them? they were already covering their noses and still you are acting like there is nothing wrong with what you are doing. How about if you got a lung cancer or something? do you think your family won't be affected. Again, there is nothing wrong in pleasing yourself with anything that you think makes you happy but always look around, look at the people around you and see if they won't get affected by your selfish actions.

People nowadays were crazy. They do everything to please themselves, They fall in love with instant gratification. They were not considerate with the people around them. All they want to do is have fun in the moment and forget about the future. Again, there is nothing wrong in pleasing yourself, pleasing yourself will make you happy but always ask yourself ... was that forever happiness or short term happiness? how will it affect your future? and what are the consequences for taking those actions?

Activities to please yourself that will give you forever happiness:

1. Honing a craft. Pick a skill and be good at it, it is better if you will become great. The good thing about this ideas is... you will not affect anyone, hurt anyone and you will be proud of yourself. You will also be able to forget your vices. It will be very fun because you are progressing in a good way, you are seeing yourself changing and just like I said it is a forever fun, you can do it everyday until you are old. Unlike pleasing yourself with illegal substances... you can only do it while you are still young and your body can still take it. Once you grew old... those drugs and dirty substances will weaken your body and put you to death bed. Do you like that?

2. Meditation. This is a little bit boring but it is still a pleasure. You will be able to quiet your mind and remove negative thoughts, how good was that? yeah you need a lot of concentration for this and you need to get serious but once you are seeing the benefits of meditation... you will enjoy doing it everyday. It is pleasing yourself because you will enjoy it in the long run, you will have a lot of fun guarding your own thoughts and see how crowded your mind is. Once meditation becomes your habit, your focus will improve and all of the difficult things will look easier.

3. Activities that will make you sweat. You know what are these activities: exercise, yoga, sports, combat etc. If you will learn how to make sweaty activities as a pleasure then you can be happy anytime you want. Just run outside of your house when you are a little bit depressed then after running you will become very happy. Trust me, it is very effective. Not only these activities will bring you happiness, it will also make you healthy so it is a win-win situation. You already won by sweating because it makes you feel light and happy then you win again because your appearance is getting better. Your fat ass will become small, how good was that?

4. Pursuing a goal. This one is a killer, pursuing a goal is already a pleasure because your time will fly and you don't feel like growing old, you will become very addicted to progress. You just do it and do it and do it until you become successful. It will give you happiness because it will give you success. Not only that, you also become a better person. So this is a win-win situation again. Learn to enjoy the process in pursuing your goal, make it a pleasure, trust me... you will become happy even if you are not yet succeeding.

The moral lesson of this article is... pleasures that are very easy and requires no effort such as drinking alcohol, taking drugs, eating a lot, smoking, watching TV for 12 hours and any other activities that has no benefit in the end will make your life miserable. It is a short term happiness, it is a fraud happiness so don't ever engage with these pleasures. On the other hand.. pleasures that are a little bit difficult and will require you to exert an effort will give you forever happiness. It will make your life better and you will get a lot of benefits in the end. It is like being happy twice - being happy with the activity and being happy with the result.

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