Monday, September 12, 2016


How arrogant you are to become lazy today because you think you own tomorrow and you can work harder tomorrow so you will just take it easy today. How cocky you are to take things for granted and become a lazy bumass today just to feed yourself with vices that you have and live like a king with pocket of a slave. You never know, there are some strange things that might happen. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, you have to give your best now and do the things that you want to do now before it is over. You must have a sense of urgency so you can live your life to the fullest pursuing your dreams and not living your life to the fullest bumming around, partying, drinking, travelling and destroying yourself. The word "YOLO" is misunderstood, people thought that it is all about having fun and amusing themselves. It is used as an excuse to become lazy and fake happiness everyday. If you will just party everyday for 365 days do you think you will be happy? There are people who do that but they end up being broke, dramatic and searching for themselves. I don't know why they have to search for themselves. That shit was a dramatic line by people who always watch drama series and never take actions. "Searching for myself" what a funny line. That is a weak line used by people who don't know what to do or don't want to do anything good in their lives. You already own yourself so why will you search for yourself?

No one owns the future. Even the highest paid fortune tellers who read cards and palms and have a crystal ball on their tables doesn't know the future. They were just guessing so stop believing on those schmucks. They just wanted your money so they will say whatever you wanted to hear. And of course you will feel good so you will believe them. They will tell you that you will become rich even if you are not working hard. They will tell you that good fortune will come to you even if you are doing bad. The funny thing is you keep on believing and believing, you have a very strong faith in them. And where does that attitude bring you? how far did you go? You're still in the same place 20 years ago. Still broke, still unhappy, still searching for yourself. Still making excuses and hoping for something great to happen even if you're not taking actions. And if you will still believe in those fortune tellers who can't even predict their own lives... good luck to you, you maybe believing forever without achieving anything.

Disregard their predictions. Some people will predict that you can't do this or do that. Especially if you are dreaming  big and they are offended by your ideas because they can't even think of something. They cannot even imagine themselves living in their dreams or even pursuing their dreams. That is why a lot of people will predict that you will fail. Just laugh at them. Don't give them any attention because they were nothing. Never entertain a comment that will not give you strength. You are on your journey, those predictions were just garbage and it is irrelevant to your success. You will create your own future, you will be the one to judge if you're going to be successful or not.

You can predict your own future by working hard. This kind of prediction is not simply guessing, you have the facts and work history that will serve as an evidence that you will succeed in the future. Actually this is not predicting, this is fulfilling. You will just predict just for the sake of making yourself pumped up or if anyone asks you if you're going to succeed or not. You will make a prediction but you are very sure that you are right because you knew you put in a lot of hardwork and it is very impossible for you to fail. It is not being arrogant, you are just very sure of yourself because no hard work will not be rewarded. Once you kill yourself by working hard.... success is going to become your slave. You can command the future, you can own it. You can become the number one.

Their prediction will become real if you will believe them. Their predictions has no power over you if you will not believe them but if you will believe them... then don't work anymore, you are sure to fail if you believe their predictions that you are going to fail. Your hardwork will become useless if you let a negative thought enter your head. You will become weak if you let their mockery, criticisms, backstabbing acts get the best of you. So you better unlearn all the words that they are throwing at you. Just learn to believe in yourself so their predictions will never become real. Those bums thought they knew everything about you. They don't know about your work ethic, passion and commitment. So once you heard something that is not healthy for your dreams... immediately disregard it, just laugh at it and prove them that they are wrong.

BELIEFS WILL CREATE THE FUTURE. What you believe is what you will become. You can't predict the exact time, the exact happening or exact situation but if you really believe in yourself 100 percent then you will succeed. Just believe even if you are suffering, just believe even if nothing is going on your way.


1. You can't do it because you are too old.
2. You can't do it because you have no experience.
3. You are going to fail because you are nothing.
4. You can't do it because someone who is better than you didn't even succeed, who gives you the permission to try?
5. No one has ever done it before so you can't do it.
6. It is not realistic, you are preparing yourself for failure.
7. You are sure to lose, you are not talented.
8. You can't win, your opponent is stronger than you.

Those predictions will be erased by your hardwork and self belief. Yes there are many realistic predictions but you should never believe it until you see it. Go and try your hardest and make them look stupid once you prove them wrong.

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