Thursday, December 8, 2016

Samanco Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Binggrae is a popular Korean ice cream manufacturer, it is known around the globe. And one of their most popular products is Samanco Ice Cream Sandwich, I guess because of its unique shape, who wouldn't be fascinated in a fish-shaped ice cream. I have seen three flavors of Samanco here in the Philippines, Samanco Red Bean, Samanco Chocolate, and Samanco Strawberry. However, I only tasted two flavors.

Samanco chocolate ice cream sandwich is a fish shaped waffle or wafer stuffed with vanilla ice cream and a thin layer of chocolate. The waffle or wafer is not crunchy, instead it is quite chewy. The vanilla ice cream is heavenly, it is smooth, yummy, so creamy, and velvety. And the chocolate syrup caps it all, it's luscious, not bitter with just the right amount of sweetness.

Before we can only buy Korean ice cream here in the Philippines in Korean grocery stores, but now it is distributed in our local grocery stores and some restaurants also offers Binggrae ice cream. Samanco ice cream sandwich price differs, it ranges from ‎₱45 to ₱60. You better finish this quickly for it melts fast and it is best eaten while frozen. 

Visit Binggrae Philippines for their complete ice cream products here in the Philippines.

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