Thursday, September 8, 2016


If you are pursuing a goal and you have a made up mind and basically you told yourself "I will not stop until I win, even if my life is the price for my success, I will still do it". It is all over when you say that line, there is nothing they can do about it anymore. You are on your way to success, you will climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean, even the most dangerous ocean... you will swim it.

There is nothing they can do to stop you, even if they say the harshest words about you, even if they pull you down and make you feel bad... there is nothing they can do about it. You are like a zombie, a single minded zombie who has nothing in his mind but to eat a meat. You will be like a lion chasing his prey and will not go home until his stomach is full. You are all in, your focus is so robust, it cannot be distracted even if you are hated.

Take a couple who's so in love with each other as an example... even if the world is against with their relationship, they still continue loving each other. Their love grows stronger as the world tries to stop them. They have a made up mind that is why their love prevails in the end. Only death can separate them. They even disobey their parents, they never listen to their friends. All they know is they want each other and they will do everything to get married. They will even leave their families and go far away so they can live peacefully. Their goal is to be with each other until death and it comes true because of their belief and a mindset that never changes.

Have you ever seen a man who's so badly inlove with something and looks like crazy because all he does is something for his goal? This man looks like he is not sleeping, it looks like he has his own world and no one can bother him, and if you do? good luck to you because you will not like it. This man has a made up mind and you cannot change his mindset no matter what you do. He will keep on coming back even if difficult things happens to him. There is some kind of a madness instill in him and there is nothing people can do about it anymore. He is so motivated, he is so driven, he is so aggressive and that is why he succeeds. Sometimes he does things that are unthinkable and ridiculous, and that makes him thrive, that makes him different from other people. He is willing to do whatever it takes because he have a made up mind, nothing or no one can stop him form achieving. He will keep pushing until he finds something.

So if you really want it, there is nothing they can do about it. They can't stop you even if they use all of their strength and means. You have an invincible thread tied with you connected to your goal, that thread cannot be cut nor mislead. You will keep on going with the direction of that thread. You will only stop if you can't go anymore and even if you can't go, you will still find ways how to go. You have a will that cannot be killed. Your determination is above the nation.

You will not worry anymore, you will not be scared anymore. And that is if you have a made up mind, that is if you are so serious about what you want in life. It is like parting the red sea, you will make a way for yourself and your dreams, the path will be revealed because of your perseverance. You will never quit because the challenges are the ones who will quit, people will stop mocking you and criticizing you, they will be impressed  by the determination that you possessed that no one can match.

You're like a man on a mission ready to die anytime. You will just do it, you will never listen to small voices that are telling you to go back home and do the rational things that most people do. You love being alone instead of having some people around you who were just a bunch of losers. You are not scared to walk alone, you are not scared to travel alone, you don't care if you don't get help at all because you have a fixed mindset that will never change. There is nothing they can do about it, there is nothing they can do to change your mind. You're like a broken cassette tape that keeps on playing and playing even if the people around you were already annoyed. And speaking of people, you don't care about them if they were so sick and tired of what you are doing, you just keep on digging the land until the gold comes out. It is like, if they can't stop you then that's their problem.

Those people who were trying to stop you and put you down will look helpless, no matter what words they say to you, no matter how hard they stab you on your back... they still cannot put you down, the result is they will stop in the end. The will look like losers even more, nobody will give attention to them because they don't prove anything and you are proving something, you are making results. So other people whose minds were in the right place will admire you and believe you. They will be inspired by your actions and work ethic.

So never mind if you were being downed in the beginning because you will stand tall in the end. They can never put a good man down forever. You will find your success if you will never stop. You will find a way because greatness finds a way. No one can stop you if you will not stop. The can't do anything about your dreams anymore, they will submit and you will succeed.

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