Thursday, October 13, 2011

We Invade Pho Hoa Noodle Soup Restaurant

Pho Hoa is a Vietnamese Restaurant chain which specializes natural flavor and healthy cooking. They have multiple locations in Philippines, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and Canada. My sister and I wanted to have noodle soup for dinner because of the cold weather that day, we decided to try Pho Hoa since we both haven't tried this before. Thru Google search I discovered that Pho means Vietnamese Noodle Soup. After we had our noodle soup choices we are served with a small plate with fresh basil leaves, lemon wedge and beansprouts, we wonder if it's for our appetizer :)

Choosing the right noodle soup is not that easy since this is the first time we'll be trying Vietnamese cuisine and the menu is not that descriptive :) I just pick the one that says it's their specialty. Really I don't mind the noodle soup's Vietnamese name, it's hard to catch-up, I just knew that it contains Brisket and Flank. The noodle soup is good, one ordinary beef broth for me, but the rice noodle is absolutely pretty and great, it's very thin, white and  yummy! The brisket and flank meat are cut in thinly slices and it's very tender, it also has white and spring onions.

My sister got himself a Flank, Brisket, Tendon and Meatballs Noodle Soup. This is under the menu's The Regular Combos. It's still the same noodle soup as mine, the difference is it has more meat variety (Tendon and Meatballs) and has coriander leaves. We don't have any idea what we will be doing with the basil, lemon and beansprouts :) until my sister got a glimpse of what the customers are doing on the next table... My sister says, "ate nilalagay nila itong lahat sa noodle soup nila!" So we added just the right amount of basil, a squeeze of lemon and beansprouts onto our dishes, we don't wanna make overdo things :) 

Pho Hoa menu, I know the images here are different from the actual noodle soup that we had! Both our noodle soup are served in small bowl and cost ₱199.80 or $4.75 and a large bowl is amounting to ₱265.00 or $6.31.

My Rating for Pho Hoa Restaurant (5 ✰ is the highest)
Taste ✰✰✰     Price ✰✰     Place ✰✰✰     Staff ✰✰

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