Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Muhlach's Famous Ensaymada

My sister just went home with this delish pasalubong! Special ensaymada from Megamelt Bakeshop, which is owned by actor NiƱo Muchlach. It's a box of 12 ensaymada, 6 were regular Cheese Ensaymada, 3 Ube Ensaymada and 3 Macapuno Ensaymada. I don't eat ube nor macapuno, however it's my dad's favorite. Cheese ensaymada costs ₱15.00 each while ensaymada with fillings or flavors costs ₱18.00.

This is so yummy, great for merienda or as a dessert. I'm a cheese addict and it comforts me! The bread is so fluffy, moist and soft; and it's covered with cheese!!! A delectable treat for the whole family! It has lots of branches, I guess all malls in the metro has Megamelt store.

What is your ensaymada story? Share it with me and to my viewers...
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Derya said...

i love your blog ♥


Joel Go said...

This makes me craving this midnight

The Forgotten Laws

lette's haven said...

Thanks 4 dropping by...! U are always welcome to visit my blog! U may also follow my blog and comments or suggestions are also welcome :) ...Happy Blogging... :)

candz said...

these are yummy and very affordable.

Gillette said...

Affordable, sure thing! A great pasalubong to ur family! Kakasawa na din kc mauwi ng donuts, cake or icecream *para maiba naman!

AyLin said...

cheesy Ensaymada! I love Muhlach Ensaymada, soft and moist! I am a chees-a-holic! :D

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