Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Desktop Computer Broke

I'm more driven now to update my blog everyday. Consuming my 8-10 precious hours on making post, researching, promoting, checking on new ways to improve it and joining to blog directories. While I'm at my peak my desktop computer broke down... How frustrating :(! All my files are in there, my drafts for my future post and more.

I just finished checking my buddy, clean the whole CPU, securing all the cables and testing all peripherals. Guess what..? I didn't seem to know the problem. It's just won't boot or start normally. I've decided to go to a computer store tomorrow and have it checked by their most knowledgeable technician. I wish there will be no major damage.

Now I'm just using my smartphone to update you guys in the best way that I can. By the way, I'm attending the Bloggers Fiesta Manila Event this coming Saturday at SM North Cyberzone. I expect to make new friends, know the blogshepere more, get freebies of course :) and gain ideas from my colleagues.

Going back to my problem here... Can you guys give me any troubleshooting tips to help me fix my PC?
* * *


Sherry said...

It might be that your hard drive crashed. I hope you can still recover all your files. Mine broke down 3, 4 years ago and it took with it all the photos, files and what-nots that I have there.

Gillette said...

Hey Sherry I hope that its not my HDD... I will bring it to technician tomorrow. Thanks 4 dropping by in my blog ;)

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