Saturday, September 24, 2016


Did you ever feel guilty if you didn't allow a person to borrow some money from you? You feel bad right? you feel you are bad and selfish especially if the borrower is making a lot of dramas and wanting to make you feel guilty for not allowing the lending to take place. But that's ok, that is normal, there are some instances where you need to reject someone for your own good. You need to think for yourself first and secure your own life. If you will always act like a good samaritan, they will abuse you and you will be the loser in the end.

Don't ever feel guilty if you let someone down, it is their lives, they can think right but they are not doing it. You have to be tough and not emotional to survive in this world. You must learn how to be not emotional so people can't use you easily. Anyway here are some thoughts that you should entertain to avoid feeling guilty.

1. They never thought of you as a kind person. They always think you are very easy to convince that is why you are the person that pops out from their mind when they needed help. They will even laugh at your back after getting something from you, they will consider you as another victim. So don't be too kind, these money borrowers were nasty and has no conscience at all. Don't feel sorry for them because once they get something from you... they will never show themselves again. They will evaporate very fast like alcohol. They were magicians, they can make a disappearing act that is very hard to expose.

2. They can do it too. They can save money too, they can have a financial freedom too but they choose not to do it. They prioritize buying not important things. They always buy something not useful just to look good to the eyes of other people, so don't every feel guilty if you didn't lend them some money. It is their poor decisions from the past that made them broke and penniless. It is their own fault, they should blame themselves not you.

3. They were even stronger than you. They can even work harder than you, they were even younger than you and have stronger body than you yet they don't want to stretch their bones and do something about their situation. Those money borrowers were lazy as snail. They were slow, all they wanna do is to be fed up and get some freebies. They even have large muscles but they are not using their physical abilities. Don't feel sorry for them, they were strong but they were acting weak.

4. They don't use their time right. If they only use their time right and take actions in the past then they don't need to borrow money from you anymore. Those lazy money borrowers were also procrastinators. They can work on their problem but what did they do? they watch game of thrones the whole day, they watch prison break the whole week. Those bums were good for nothing. So don't feel pity for them, they waste their time so now they want to waste your time because they want you to listen about their stupid stories why they are borrowing money from you.

5. They don't use their money right. They have money from the past but they spend it for meaningless things and food. While they were feeling rich you are saving your money. So it is very unfair to yourself if you will lend them some money because you don't even want to spend your money, you are saving it for your future and here they come acting like you owe them something and you needed to lend them some money. They were not deserving to borrow some money from you so don't ever let them.

6. They may not help you if you're the one who's in need. Let's pretend that you are in their situation, do you think they will lend you some money? of course not. They were greedy in the first place so there is no chance that they will give you some help. They will think that you will not return the money back to them because that is what they do when they owe someone.

7. They will not even remember that you helped them. Once they get something from you... they will not remember it. They will not remember that you once helped them. The sad thing is when you are the one who's in need, they will not even care. And when you are asking for your money back, they will pretend that they don't owe you because it was a long time ago. They will pretend that they don't remember it, they will even act like they were angry because of your accusations.

8. They might not return your money. Most of the money borrowers will not return what they owe. Especially if they were not being asked to return it. So don't ever feel bad if you don't let someone borrow money from you because there is a big chance that your money will not return. Be happy if you rejected someone's loan application because you save yourself from hell.

9. They were only kind if the need you. Look at how angelic their faces are if they are borrowing money. They look very pure and clean but when they don't need anything from you they won't even bother to give you a little attention. They were really smart so don't let them outsmart you. Be smarter and don't get fooled by their sweet words.

10. Some people also rejected them. Their relatives even rejected them so you too have the right to do the same thing. Don't feel guilty because you are not the only one who rejected them. Money borrowers were very persistent when it comes to borrowing some money, they will ask help from different people. They will not stop until they get something so it only means you are not the only one who rejected them. So don't feel bad and think that you are the reason of their suffering.

11. They will get help from others for sure. For sure they can find a victim who will sacrifice for them. The only difference is they didn't get the help from you. For sure someone will help them so don't feel guilty because you have an extra money and you didn't lend them. They can find help somewhere, have faith in them.

12. Even your relatives are not borrowing money from you. Even the closest people in your life are not borrowing money from you so it only means they don't have the right to borrow from you. Who are they to make you feel guilty if you didn't approve their loan application?

You don't need to feel bad if you didn't help someone. Always remember that they were also given 24 hours a day so it means they can do a lot to make their situation better. Sometimes it is even good to not give help so that they will learn some lesson.

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