Friday, September 23, 2016


People can say whatever they want, they were entitled to give comments whenever they like. You can't stop them. Some people think that they were better but they don't know that all they do is talking, they were not proving anything. Just feel sorry for them because all they can do is talk and they never make a positive impact for their own lives.

So let them be, let them make millions of comments everyday. If they criticize you... let them do it. Always remember that listening to their comments is none of your business, it is what it is. No matter how good you are, no matter how big you become... you will still hear a lot from them. They will never shut their mouths until you react. And when you react negatively... they will even get stronger, they will never stop until they made you feel bad. And that is their agenda, to see you getting angry, mad and out of control. They will do everything to catch your attention and disturb you from what you are doing. They want to put you down, that is basically their main goal.

Any comments have no power over you. Anything that they say, may it be negative or positive, it has no power over you if you will not take it seriously. Those comments become powerful if you let it enter your head. Once they feel that you are affected then those comments will multiply and will never stop. They will attack you forever until you die. It is like bees swarming a small piece of honey. It is painful and it takes a very long time to heal.

Always remember that you are the source of power. Remember that you are the topic that is why the were nothing without you. Those comments were nothing if you don't exist. You are the source of their power and when you ignore them, they will also become weak and powerless. Their powers become stronger once you feed it with your reactions and attention. You are the feeder and they are only the receiver, stop feeding them attention and they will feel helpless.

Why are they making comments:

1. They love what you are doing. Not all comments were bad, there are also positive comments. They love you and they appreciate what you are doing, they make comments to keep you going and make more contents. The just wanted you to feel that they appreciate your work and also thank you for inspiring them. Those people who made positive remarks were your true fans or supporters. They support you 100 percent all the time in anything that you do. They understand where are you coming from and they were entertained by your work.

2. They were simply jealous with what you do. Even if they admit it or not, they were just jealous. They see someone being able to express himself and that is you, they cannot even do something on their own, they cannot express themselves that is why they just make comments and bash someone. They were scared to get criticized so they are the ones who criticized. They will not even admit that you are good even if they saw something in you. These people were very negative and will never go far in life. They will remain the same person forever, not growing and not accomplishing anything because all they can do is watch someone's work and make negative remarks. These people were helpless and scared. The funny thing is they even make comments without revealing their true identity.

3. You are really doing bad. Sometimes not all comments were there to pull you down or make you feel bad. Sometimes comments were true and that you really suck in what you are doing. But the positive side here is you are catching someone's attention so it means you have a potential. You are still above them because you are performing and trying while they are just watching and pretending that they were better than you. Constructive criticism is true but it usually comes from the people who really cares about you and not from people who are just there to expose your weakness in public.

4. They also wanted to try what you are doing. They will not admit this too but they also wanted to try and experienced what you've accomplished. They wanted to have the same shoes as yours so they are watching your actions and how you behave. They were like spies trying to seal something from you but the difference is they can't take actions and make something for themselves. They were trapped being a spectator and not an actor.

5. They were interested in you.  They will not watch you or even give you some attention if they were not interested in your stuffs. They were your secret admirers but their ego is too much to admit that they like you. They can't admit that someone like you is thriving while they are failing. They feel they were better than you but they can't prove it. You can see that they are hating you everyday but they still watch your daily activities, funny isn't it?

6. They can't do anything in their lives. Just like I said, they cannot take actions for their own good, they can't do something in their lives so they just focus on the lives of others. They have no confidence at all and try something big so they were satisfied on being a hater and a negative spectator. They spend their lives watching other people to become successful but they still remain the same person 25 years ago.

7. They were just simply negative people. Even if you treat them right and agree to what they are saying, they just can't be happy for you. They will still say a lot of negative comments to you. And even if you are not doing anything, even if you become successful... they will still find ways to put you down because they were born negative and they will die negative, as simple as that. Even if you became the most successful person in the world... they will still find ways to how hate you.

How to deal with negative comments:

1. Ignore it. Never make it a big deal, all negative comments will never become big and will never last for a long time if you just ignore it. Pretend that you don't heart it nor see it. Remember that you are the source of power. All comments were nothing if you give it nothing.

2. Just laugh at it. Just laughing at a bad comment will make it very weak. The one who gives comment will feel that you are unaffected. They will see that you are a strong person and no words can bring you down. The tendency is they will stop because they will realize that they are not hurting you. They will even look stupid because they were doing something that is not making an impact.

3. Remember who you are. If the comment is really harsh and something personal, always remember who you are. You know yourself more than they know you. It is your perspective about yourself that matters and not their perception about you. If you know you are good then their comments doesn't matter anymore. Remember your strength, remember the real you.

4. Shift your focus to your goals. Always remember that those comments were irrelevant to your goals, it is not helping you. So if you were badly affected by those negative comments, shift your focus to goals. Use those comments as a motivator to become stronger and tougher. Shifting your focus to your goals will make you forget those comments. Always look at the big picture, never get discouraged by those comment that means nothing. Your goals are more important than reading and listening to those comments so go back to your goals so you will be able to entertain good thoughts again.

5. Never feel something about it. At first this is hard, but if you were able to manage and control your feelings... the baddest and meanest comment cannot hurt you anymore. You will even laugh at it. The primary goal of critics is to make you feel bad so you will fail. If you cannot feel anything about their words then congratulations... you are a tough guy already and you can become successful fast.

Allow them to make comments, don't get mad about it, don't give attention to it. Remember that you cannot control them but you can control yourself. You are the source of power, it is either you make them strong or you make them weak, You are in total control of your life, they have no power over you but you have power over them, their happiness is based on your sadness.

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