Sunday, September 25, 2016


There is nothing wrong with supporting an artist, celebrity or any big time personality. There is nothing wrong with that. It is fun, it is entertaining and it makes you happy in a different way. But what is wrong is... you were not rich like them, you don't have a stable life like them. You're just an ordinary person who hasn't done big things yet.

They don't need your support yet you are still supporting them. What you need to do is support yourself and do everything to make your life better. They already have what they want, they already have millions of money so there is no point in supporting them anymore. There is no point in wasting a lot of time for them. If you will waste your time, make sure you waste it for yourself so you get to use your life to the fullest.

It is time to focus more on yourself and do what you wanted to do for a very long time. I know fear is stopping you from pursuing your own dream that is why you are focusing on other things and not mainly on yourself. That is why you are focusing your attention to other things that are not related to your life, you are just afraid and you don't know where to start. But that is ok, even if you don't know what to do, you can still become successful, you just need to trust yourself and keep working on yourself. The answers will be revealed in the end if you persevere enough to get it.

Be the star of your own movie. Aren't you sick and tired of watching the same movies over and over again? same love stories, same action stories, same drama stories. Those movies are the same in some way, their similarity is... you are not part of the story, you are just a spectator, you don't have a role. Aren't you mad about it? So create your own movie, be the star, be the one who thrives in the end, be the one who kiss the leading lady and bag the largest money. Even if nobody watches your own movie, still do it and finish it. It is fun watching yourself beating the challenges of life, struggling, suffering and then winning in the end. How fun was that? and also by doing it, you are not wasting your life, you are really living it by your own rules.

So never feel any regret once you cut your support to your idols. They don't need you, they will not even notice that you are gone. They don't care about you, all they care about is themselves being rich, popular and successful. They don't care for you at all, they don't even know your name.

Good things that will happen once you don't support your idols anymore:

1. You will be able to save more money. You will not buy products of your idols anymore such as DVD's, t-shirts, stupid mugs, magazines, album etc. You can use your money for your own dream. You will not go to their concerts anymore or any world tour that is very expensive. Saving your money for more important things is a good start for reaching your own dreams.

2. You will have more time for yourself. You didn't even notice that your idol is eating a lot of your precious time. In other words, he is stealing something valuable from you which is your time. Time is a very important key to success so you better take care of your time very well. Be aware of how you spend your time and where is it going. If you stop supporting your idol then all of your time will be yours, how good was that? Your idol is not even paying you a single cent so why give a lot of time for him?

3. You will know yourself even more. You will know how good you are, you will know how good you can be because you are working hard for yourself, you are beginning to trust yourself. You will unlock all of your potentials. You will see the difference between trusting yourself and trusting others. You will even regret the time you've wasted worshiping someone who only serve as a big obstacle to your dreams.

4. You will be closer to success, you will able dream bigger things. Your idol maybe inspiring you but it is not helping you. Once you stop supporting others and you focus on yourself then success is much closer than before. You are doing the right things, you are not procrastinating, you are becoming better everyday which is a very good success magnet.

5. You are no longer an ordinary person anymore. If you committed to your journey and trust that you too can become big then you are a different kind of person already. You're not even a person, you're a different kind of animal who is very hungry for success. You know you can become great too like others. You know those big celebrities are just human like you so they are no different from you. You will begin to realize that you don't have to give them so much attention because you can also get that they get if you will work hard and trust the process.

6. You will become happier. Happiness comes from within and not from the outside. Sometimes worshiping someone to the extreme makes you sad even if you don't have a problem, especially if your idol is losing or being bashed at social media. If you will not support anyone then you will become happier because your happiness is based on your own success and not from the success of others.

7. You will become unique. Sometimes you are copying your idol's way of dressing, speaking and how he carries himself. you are not being yourself anymore, you are just a copycat. How bad was that? If you will not support your idol anymore then you will see the different side of you. You will have your own style and you will be proud of it.

It is not bad to support someone, what makes it bad is you are not reaching your potential by supporting them. You are not celebrating your uniqueness. You are trying to be part of your idol's life but it will never happen. Your idols were already popular and rich. It is time for you to become rich yourself.

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