Thursday, September 22, 2016


Sometimes you don't believe in yourself because you think your skills are not enough and even if your skill is already great, you still don't use it because you always thought someone is better than you. You thought that they will judge you if they see that you are not good enough. That is a very wrong kind of thinking, no matter how big or small your skill is.. you still have to use it because it is there to be used, it is there for a reason, it is there to give you an advantage.

If you can draw then draw, even if you think that you are just a novice, if you love doing it then do it everyday. It doesn't matter if people will like it or not, what matters is you are using your skill and you are not afraid to show it to the world. Even if you can just draw straight lines or stick man, use it, draw it, if that is the only skill you have... continue doing it because someday your skill will reach a different level and you may be able to use it for a living.

Any skill can be use for a living, no matter what skill it is. If you don't know what your skill is then you should know what you can do. Think about all the things that you can do and use it for a living. Don't ever make an excuse that your skills were not in demand, all of the skills has a use and someone or someplace needs it, you just need to find the people who needs your skills and then you can make a living for it. If all you can do is wait then that is already a skill, become a security guard, you don't need to do anything, you just need to wait and sit around everyday and you will earn. There is nothing wrong with that job. It is decent and it is legal, be proud of it.

If all you can do is talk... that is a skill too. Become a salesman or a vendor. There is nothing wrong with that. That is your only skill so use it to your advantage. Use our mouth, use it with joy, use it to earn money. Anything that you can do is considered as a skill and you can use it to improve your situation, you just need to find places or situations where you can use it. It is not hard to do, you just need to have a little faith.

The problem with you is you don't want to use your skill or maybe you are just shy using it. You are always thinking about what people say, there is something you can do and you know it. You just don't trust yourself or maybe, just like I said you are very shy to use it. You don't consider what you can do as a skill, you are belittling yourself and that makes you unable to change your life.

If you can sing but you have a bad voice, is your way of singing can be considered as a skill? DEFINITELY YES. The definition of skill is the ability to do a specific task. It doesn't say that a skill is doing task gracefully and perfectly. Once you we able to do something then that is considered as a skill. So sing anywhere and try to earn money. Sing in church, song on streets, sing on wedding, sing on different occasions. It doesn't matter if they love your skill or not, what matters is you are suing your skill and you are trying to earn something from it. Because at the end of the day, you will become great if you keep on using you skill over and over again. You will become great if you will consistently use your skill everyday and never get tired of using it.

Even if the world say stop using your skills you should continue because they don't have the right to tell you what to do. Your skill is there to seen by the world and used by the world. Show it and use it, never keep it. Show it like it is the most precious thing in your life, don't hold back and don't show your 50 percent, show everything you've got.

Some people may tell you to stop because they were just jealous, they couldn't even use the skills that they have. The were jealous because you can express yourself and they cannot. They see the courage in you that they want for themselves. They will tell you that you are not good enough but deep inside they admire you a little bit for having the courage to show up and do your thing.

Use your skills while you still have the strength and time to use it. Use your skills while you are still strong, use your skills while you still have time because time will come and you don't have the power to use it anymore. You will become like an old wolf with decaying teeth. The saddest thing is, you want to use and even develop your skills but your body and brain is not allowing you to do it anymore.

Just be happy using your skills. This is the key to develop your skill and use it for a living. Just be happy using it and forget about the happiness of others, forget them if they were annoyed, forget them if they are not liking what you are showing. Remember that it is your duty to use everything you can use and enjoy your life. It is your privilege to express yourself and be thankful for the skills that you've learned and earn.

Because if you don't use all of your skills and if you didn't try to bring it to another level... you will regret it in the end. You will feel sorry for the potential that is in you but didn't grow because you are holding yourself back and you are listening to what other people say.

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