Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Let's face it, you can't be great if you were trying to do all things at the same time. You can't be a jack of all trades but wanting to become great at something. You have to focus on one thing and give more time for it. The reality is you can't be everything. You can be great at one thing but not great at everything. Greatness is possible but no one has ever been great in everything that he does. You can't be a footballer and basketball player at the same time on the highest level. Look at those people who were already great in a specific field, when they try other things they never become good at it.

But if you are the type of person who can never leave all of your hobbies because you love them so much, here is what you need to do... make the other parts weaker. Now what do I mean by this? it means you have to set aside the less priorities and give more time to the hobby that you love the most. Not just the hobby but a passion that you love the most for the moment. Because one day you might love dancing but on the other day you might love singing.

If you are confused what is the activity that you are most passionate about because you love all of them, here are the things you must remember to choose what activity you will choose to prioritize the most:

1. The hobby that excites you the most. What is the hobby that you will do everyday without thinking that you have to do it? the hobby that you will do multiple hours without getting tired and losing an appetite for it. I am very sure you have one, once you know what is it then pick it and give more time for it. Make it your number one priority and place your heart into it. Fully commit to the improvement of that hobby.

2. The hobby that is least stressful. What is the hobby that is least stressful and will make you happier? Always remember that you pursue a hobby because you love doing it and it makes your life more enjoyable. Never give priority to a hobby that will only make your life miserable and hard. You are here to enjoy your life and make the most out of it. Doing a hobby that feel hard for you is not healthy. If you don't want to give up that hobby then just spend a little time for it and give more time for the more enjoyable one.

3. The hobby that will sustain your lifestyle. It is better to pursue a hobby that will give you some money or at least be a contributor for your daily needs. It is hard to stay in a hobby that is very hard to maintain, it will only make your life difficult and full of stress. Whether you admit it or not, money still plays an important role for the maintenance of a hobby. That is why a lot of artists give up, they were engage in an activity that makes them poor.

4. The passion that is really for you. Some people do things because they think it is cool and a lot of people were doing it. Don't do something because it is popular, do something because it is what you really wanted to do. You know what is for you and what is not for you so don't pretend that you like something because people will be amazed at you if you do it. Because at the end of the day, you will look like a mediocre trying hard individual that is simply trying to fit in.

So the ideas here is.. if you want to be great at something, make sure at least 80 percent of your energy is focused on it. Make your other talents and passion weaker but don't let it go if you still want to do it. Do it for a short period of time everyday so you won't get rusty. It is like cleaning your collection but not using it so it will not get old. And when the time comes when you want to be great at your other passion, you will just focused on it and stop focusing on your most prioritized passion at the moment. It is just like changing costumes, you can only use one costume at a time but you have a lot of reserves in your cabinet.

Difficulty in prioritizing all of your passion:

1. You will be confused. You will be stressed because you don't know anymore where will you start. Even if you make a schedule, you won't be able to balance it out because sometimes you still want to do what you are doing for the moment but you need to move and do the other passion. There will be times when you want to have a break and do nothing because of the high level of stress that you are experiencing.

2. You will never be great at everything. You can be good in all of what you are doing but you can never great in all of it because there is no focused energy on a specific passion. You energies were scattered, your energy is confused. Yes,you may know a lot but your level will remain in the middle, you will never reach the highest level because just like I said, you don't know what is the most prioritized passion.

3. Scarcity of time will be felt. Even if you are good in balancing time, you may still feel the lack of it because you are doing so much. One passion may need more time than the other but because you need to do all of it... you were always on a rush, you will have a very difficult time to concentrate. The worst thing is... you may not be able to accomplish something great because you were too greedy to be great in everything and you don't know what is the most important thing in your life anymore.

4. It is very tiring. Doing a lot of things and changing activities from time to time needs a lot of energy. If you want to be great in everything (which is not possible) you better prepare a lot of energy drinks in your bag because over fatigue will kill you. And the funny thing is the moment you rest... it feels like you don't want to wake up anymore because there are lot of tasks waiting for you. You feel overwhelmed, you will feel tired even if you recently just woke up.

So take it easy, life is not all about how many great things you can do but how great you can be in one thing. Just be great in one thing and if you lost love for it then switch to another passion. You have a lot of time, you can do it all but not at the same time.

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