Monday, September 26, 2016


Stuck in a mud? don't know what to do? always hesitating and procrastinating? confidence going down? bored life? There is no other way but to move, there is no other way to make your situation better other than to move. That is how simple it is. You can think of any solutions you want, you can have millions of hours of research to solve your problem but you will only fall into the simplest and boldest solution, and that is moving.

Movement creates improvement, movement attracts betterment. If you have a disease and you want to make your health better just move. Do some exercise, make adjustments to your diet, do what the doctor say. As simple as that. Don't expect to have a better health if you will just lie in bed, wait to be fed up and do nothing. You need to move, you need to force yourself not to remain the same. There should be a progress that must happen, you have to use your strength and do everything you can to have a healthier body and longer life.

Any movement that you can think of, do it. It doesn't matter if it is proven to be correct or not. What matters is your intention to solve your problem, what matters is you will not take things for granted and let things happen by itself. Your actions should make an impact for the results that you are getting.

The way is very simple, no too much thinking needed, no too much analyzing. Just simply move and you are on your way to success, you are on your way to create something great.May it be just simply improving your life a little bit or pursuing any kind of goal, the only way to get ahead is to take action. Everybody knows it but not everyone will do it.

The logic is very simple, if you will not move you will stay in the same place so even if your actions seems like not making an impact, execute it still. Action can create direction, you'll just have to trust the process and never get tired of executing actions.

Forget about the skills. Even if you feel that you're not skilled enough to make it happen, still take actions and make it happen. The skill will be developed as you keep on moving, the skill will give birth to itself as you keep on repeating everyday. Whatever actions you can take, take it and take it fast. Move fast, forget about right or wrong. Just keep on moving and make little progress each day.

Because you will go crazy if you keep on analyzing situations. You will never find the solution if your priority is procrastination. So never get conservative and don't be defensive, be aggressive and have a bold motive. Be determined and keep grinding.

You will never lose anything if you move, you will only gain a lot of experience and knowledge if you keep on moving so it is a win win situation for you. You are so lucky if you can move because not all people can move, some people were born paralyzed and some gets paralyzed because of wrong movement. So never take any day for granted, you owe it to the universe if you can still move so the way to repay it is to take massive actions and become the best version of yourself.

Why people don't move:

1. They don't want to lose. They always think that losing is very evident if they move, they are not sure that they are going to win and make results that they are expecting so they just choose not to move so they won't hurt themselves. The wanted to win but they don't want to take risks. They choose to play it safe so they won't be disappointed if they lose. The are playing not to lose, they were very conservative and traditional.

2. They think that their efforts will be wasted. A lot of people will only move if they are very sure that they will succeed. If not, they will never lift a finger and make effort. They don't want their efforts to get wasted so they will just remain the same person not moving. They don't know that trying itself is already winning because their personality will be developed and they will no longer be afraid of challenges.

3. The were lazy. As simple as that, they don't want to move their ass. They just want to be spoon fed and get something for nothing. They don't want to suffer, they were afraid of the consequences. In other words they were bums. They were not useful.

4. The habit is simply not there. You can't blame someone if he is not moving even if he badly needs to. There is no habit that was built in the past to take actions. Even if he wants to move, he can't because it is very far from his comfort zone. That is why spoiled brats were very lazy and dependent. They were not familiar in working hard when they were still young, all they know is live like a king. So when there comes a time when they need to take actions, they can't do it. It seems like a high voltage wire will touch their skin if the move. They think that they will die if they move.

5. There is no rewards or the reward is not big enough. People will move fast if the reward is very attractive or big. If they learned that they will not get something then they will not even exert effort. That is why the best way to motivate an employee is to promise him a bonus if he performs well. Promise your workers some pretty cold cash and look how fast they will move, some will even transform into a super hero known as flash. It is funny but it is the reality.

So don't worry if you don't know anything, don't get stressed if you can't figure out how to get things done. Just keep on moving and moving until you finally get the answer, until you finally succeed in life. Remember that every action is the right action.

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