Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Money makes the world go round, let's be realistic here. Some people say that they can be happy even if they don't have money then you will eventually see that they were begging for money in some place. Yeah it is really possible to live without money and you can be happy without it but what if your true self is urging you to have a lot? what if you can't stop thinking about it and you want to experience some other things? It only means you need to experience having it. It is very easy to have money but it is easier to have none. I personally believe that money comes from thought. It is all in the mind, the more you can think big of it and believing that it can be yours... the more it will be attracted to you. I have here some thoughts about money that were proven to be true, you can apply it in your life or get ideas from it:

1. Don't be scared to spend it. Never be afraid to spend your money because that is the purpose of it, it should be spend to please you and make you happy. But always make sure that spending is in the right place because if not.. you will find yourself broke in the end. You can spend your money for the things that you want even if you don't need it. There is no rule on where you you should spend your money. But always make sure that in the end you will have something to pull from your wallet once there is an emergency that suddenly arrived.

2. It never ran out, you can replace it again. There is an abundance of money everywhere. All you have to do is look for it. So never feel regretful if you've lost a lot of money from the past. You can replace it for as long as you never dwell in the past again. being regretful will push away the money that may come into your life. There are millions of ways on how to make money. So if you're business that is strong before suddenly becomes weak... you can replace it with another business. There are millions of options, just open your eyes.

3. What goes in must be more than what comes out. This is a big rule of thumb, you can be a big spender, there is nothing wrong with that but you should also be a big saver. You can spend hundreds of dollars everyday but you also need to save equal of that value or much better if the value of what you are saving is greater than the value of what you are spending. In that kind of approach, you will never feel guilty about spending too much. Your cycle is like spending a lot but at the same time saving a lot too. You will feel very abundant with that kind of cycle and more money will come to your life.

4. When you feel good about it, it is right. This is one important key for handling your money. If you feel good about what is going on with your financial status then it is right. When I say you feel good, you must feel good from the beginning till the end. There must be no regrets. So if you feel good about spending a lot everyday then it is right, but always make sure that you will also feel good when you have no money left in your pocket. That is what I mean, you should feel good from the very beginning until the end. You must feel good about the consequences of your spending habits, if you don't feel good about it then it is wrong.

Just like also in business. Sometimes business is all about instincts. If you will invest your money in a certain kind of business... make sure you feel good about it. Make sure there is no doubt, fear or second thoughts when investing in some kind of a business. If you feel bad then there is something wrong with it and your money might be in danger. Money is there to make you feel good even if you spend it, invest it or save it. So if you are not sure where to put your money... don't do anything and think first.

5. Never compare your money with another person's money. This kind of mentality will not make you rich. If you always compare then you will never win. You will always feel that someone is richer than you so you will never feel rich. You will feel that your earnings were not enough and you have to be the number one earner so you will feel good about yourself. Even if you were already rich, if you see someone earning more than you... you will feel that you have less. Some people who only have $5,000 in their bank accounts feel rich already because they never compare, they just appreciate what they have and strive to add it even more if they can. But some people, although they were already earning millions, they still compare their money to different people that is why they never get satisfied, they always feel that they have to earn more so people will respect them. Comparing your earnings with other people is not good, it will make you unappreciative of what you have that may result to blessings not wanting to enter your life anymore.

6. Don't talk about how much you earn. If people knew that you were earning a lot, the tendency is they might get jealous with you or they may borrow some money from you. This will create a lot of problems. You will attract a lot of users if you reveal how much you earned. Lazy people will come to your house and ask for help and if they didn't get what they want... they will make dramas and make you feel bad about not being helpful. They will tell you that you are selfish. Just be quiet about your money so you will live a more peaceful life. You don't need to become proud about how much you earn. People will still feel if you are rich or not even if you don't talk about your money.

7. You can explore a lot of options if you have a lot of money. You can choose between economy and luxury if you have a lot of money. Let's face it, if you only have exact money then you have no choice but to accept an ugly offer. You can't complain and look for a better option. So if you want to experience finer things then you should have more money in your pocket. Taking cheaper options is not bad, there is nothing wrong with that, but what if you want to experience finer things in life then you better make sure you are loaded.

Just also like in business, some vendors will accept a very low offer by buyers because they want to earn money right away. They can't be patient because they need money to sustain their life. But if they have a lot of money then they will not be scared to wait for bigger offers, they can be more patient, the can explore a lot of options.

8. Everything you have is enough if you feel good about it. If you have $2,000 dollars and you really feel good about it then that is enough. If you only have $20 and you also feel good about it then that is enough. Every amount is enough if you feel good about it but if you are still complaining then you should better step up your game. The key here is appreciation, be appreciative of what you have so you can attract more money in your life. If you keep on complaining about your money then attraction will be very hard. You can't build on hate, you can build better on love so if you really want to have a lot of money then learn to appreciate what you have and start working to multiply it.

9. Being rich is not about the amount you can hold but the amount you can appreciate. A lot of people have enough but they can't appreciate what they have. They were already rich but they were still not satisfied which is crazy. They can't feel good about the amount that they have that is why they still feel poor. But some people, even though their money is not that big feels happy and blessed. They feel rich, they were appreciative and that is why money comes to them easily. And that is why they were on their way to the top and problems don't even seem to bother them. They have more financial freedom because they knew they have a lot.

10. You can double what you've earned. What you've earned yesterday can be doubled. That is a big possibility. If you've earned $1000 yesterday then it is possible that you can earn $2000 today if you work harder and smarter. In numbers, there is nothing impossible. What you can see in your mind you can hold in your hands. There is a way and you can find it. All you need is to have faith and just enjoy the process. And even if you didn't doubled it today, maybe tomorrow or the next day. Once you break your own record, you can double it. Just keep on reaching for your target and never give up.

There are different methods to maintain and earn money, there are millions of ways and once you find what is effective for you, just repeat it over and over again. If you got bored then it simply means you are on your way to another level. You need to find another process that works for you and can give you more money and of course the one that excites you the most.

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