Sunday, September 18, 2016


Everything is harmony, if you want to have a happy life then you should have a harmonious life. You can't be rushing everyday or wondering what will you do with your day. While having randomness is fun, you can't be living with it everyday because it will make you go crazy and stressed. Randomness is stress, while some days it is fun but is more of a pain in the ass. You should have a blueprint in life so you will become happier, and more effective. I personally believe in balance, there are some people who doesn't believe in it because they tell themselves that they have to be very focused in something to become great at it. Yeah, that thing is correct too, actually what works in your life is right. It doesn't matter if you are achieving balance or not for as long as you are having a good life... then do what simply works for you.

I have here the tips to have a more harmonious life so you can reach your full potential or you can experience more in life. Doing at least ninety percent of these tips will make a tremendous impact in your life and it can give you a lighter and easier life. In other words, life will be more fun, enjoyable and less stressful.

1. Establish a financial freedom. Not too rich but enough to become confident that no matter what happens you have something to pull in your wallet. Establishing a financial freedom is not about having a lot of cars and houses but enough to say that you are secure for at least 2 years even if you are not working. Having a financial freedom will make you do more things because you are not worrying about money, you can turn down stressful projects or clients, you can go for a vacation if you want because you need to remove toxins in your body. If you know that you have a lot of reserve money then you will become more flexible and risk taker. You can a open a small business without worrying that it may fail, you can pursue a hobby, you can study again. You can do more because you have a lot of breathing room. Unlike someone who has an exact money in his wallet, he will worry a lot. He will entertain thoughts like "what if someone got sick in my family?", "what if I have no more job tomorrow", "what if there is an unexpected emergency?"and any other negative thoughts. If you don't have a financial freedom, you will feel a lot of worries and stress. It is like standing on the edge of a cliff and you can fall anytime a strong wind passes you.

So just save as much as you can, forget about buying useless things and traveling a lot. You can have more of those stuffs if you have a lot of money. Make a good foundation first before having fun. You have to start now, just put something in your piggy bank and never use it unless there is an emergency. It is better to be safe and a little bit boring rather than being a happy go lucky person who can fall anytime the fate makes a joke on him. If you have a wide financial freedom then you can buy anything you want or go to any places that you want without worrying what might happened tomorrow or what could go wrong. You are confident in spending your money.

2. Get rid of parasitic friends. Your toxic friends is one of the main reason you are not having a better life. They will pull you down once you start to pursue something bigger, they will not motivate you rather they will make you feel bad so you won't leave them. You know who they are and you need to stop giving them a lot of time. Associate yourself with people who were dreamers, positive thinkers and will offer you better opportunities. You don't need a lot of friends, it is better to have a small circle that is functioning very well rather than having a big circle but is dysfunctional and useless. Know the people who will push you to the top, leave the people who will pull you down, as simple as that. Once you get rid of those parasitic friends then your life will be lighter, it feels like a thorn was removed in your throat.

3. Pursue a hobby that will give you pain. I am talking about a healthy pain and not a pain that will give you suffering. A hobby that will make you more competitive, active and healthy. Hobbies like sports and exercise. Activities that will make you sweat are the best hobbies. Not only it will give you fun but it will also make you healthier. It will make you stronger and younger. Don't engage in hobbies where you will just sit around all day and you will not use your brain, those hobbies will just make you weak. Hobbies that has something to do with arts is also a good hobby. The process of developing it is also painful but it is also a healthy pain. The pain of learning and growing is evident in arts so it is also good and it will develop your personality and creativity.

4. Learn to balance your time. There should be time for playing, working and loving. Prioritize the most important things in your life and don't give time to the least important ones. Having the ability to balance your time will make you do more. You will be able to make the important people in your life happy and satisfied. Your career will keep on growing. Everything that matters to you will be taken care of properly.

5. Take care of your health. Of course you won't be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor if you are sick. Health should be the number one priority. Never abused your body because it will abuse you in the end. You know what is bad for you and you know what is good for you. You don't need health professionals to give you advises, just be disciplined and make an effort to walk at least 15 minutes a day. Make sure you will sweat a little bit, it is better if you will be able to make your heart pump so fast with high intensity exercise but if you cannot, just stay with the very basics. You will adjust your routine to a higher level once you get bored at your present routine.

So that's it, it is up to you if you will follow these tips or not. You can make your own priorities in life, just make sure it will work and it will lessen the stress. The goal here is to make your life easier, effective and abundant.

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