Saturday, September 17, 2016


Thank you is a very powerful word. It is very simple but it can create a huge impact in your life. It is just two words but it can create millions of result. Use it everyday and you will see that your life will change, you will not notice it fast but if you believe in the words "thank you", you will be forever thankful in your life.

Using the word thank you is an attraction to bigger things. You don't need to pray for what you want, you don't need to beg for what you want. Just say the words "thank you" over and over again and your situation will change. You can multiply what you have if you will pair it with thank you. Say thank you for the money, thank you for the car, thank you for the food, thank you for the life. Always be thankful and you will see that your money will multiply, you car can become nicer or you will be able to upgrade it, there will be an abundance of food. You will experience having a lot. This is not a hoax or something. Saying thank you means you already have it and you are satisfied with it, it also means you are open for a better opportunity or better things that is why what you want is coming to you naturally. Your mind is being conditioned for receiving if you are always practicing thank you.

Thank you is a strong attraction for success. Look at those successful people in an interview, they always say thank you to God. They always say they were very thankful for the blessings that are coming into their lives, they were very appreciative. Always appreciate what you have and you can have more. Have you ever seen a struggling guy who always say thank you in life? It is very hard to be thankful if you are suffering, some guys who were struggling are not being thankful, instead they are cursing life that is why they cannot get out from their situation.

Just say the word thank you even if you don't mean it. Say it a numerous times and you will feel that you really mean it. Fake it until you feel it.

Thank you can protect you. It is strange, have you ever been in a situation where someone is not doing you good?, let's say someone accidentally step your feet while you are walking and that person didn't even say sorry. If you will say thank you to him with a little bit of an attitude... he will feel guilty and never say anything to you. He will be stunned and maybe he will apologize. Thank you protects you because instead of fighting with him, you were able to control yourself and send a message to the person who hurts you. It is like you are still being thankful even if you are hurt a little bit. It can make someone feel guilty and wonder what he has done wrong.

If someone is insulting you or mocking you just say thank you to him and he will feel your power. He will feel that you are not affected and you don't mind what he is saying. Say it with confidence and you will see that person will stop. He will feel your confidence and invincibility. He will fell that you don't even care and you are loving every words that he is saying. Say thank you with laugh and you will even look powerful. It is like you have an invisible shield that protects you form being harmed and feeling bad.

Other uses of saying thank you:

1. You can make someone feel appreciated by saying it. Just say a simple thank you to someone and he will feel his importance. He will feel that he did something good and he will even do his best next time. Say thank you to people around you if they do you a favor and they will feel happy. Have you ever helped someone and didn't get a small thank you in return? it feels bad right? you are thinking about not helping him next time, you will feel a little bit disrespected because you didn't even feel that your efforts were appreciated. A small thank you can make a big difference. A small thank you can lighten up someone's mood.

2. You can use it in a competition. You can use the word thank you to mock your opponent or destroy someone's mental game. If your opponent commits a turnover and accidentally gives you a favor, say thank you to him and he will become angry. He will think that he is making your life easier by his mistakes. He will feel weak and disrespected. You will get inside of his head and make his focus distracted. Use it everytime your opponent makes a mistake and you will be able to control his game.

3. It can be used as a humor. Comedians used the word thank you a lot of times in their lines, they make a lot of people laugh by using the word thank you. Lines like "I am very thankful for having a big nose so I can smell fake people and not". It is very effective, they mocked themselves by being thankful for their ugly appearance or ugly happenings in their lives and they paired it with a positive side. People laughs, they word thank you is really powerful.

4. For continuous relationship. Thank you serves as a good connection between 2 or more people who has a business with each other. It simply means you are loving what is going on and you are open for more business in the future. It signifies that you are happy with the outcome and you want to continue. If you want to make a signal that you are not happy anymore, just stop saying thank you and the person who received that treatment will think that you are not happy with the outcome. Thank you gives a good harmony for people, it creates strong bonds and connection.

Always being thankful for what you have is enough. You don't need to be needy, you don't need to ask for more. Anything that you want in life will be given to you if you are very appreciative and if you have patience to wait for it. Thank you means you are sending a positive signal to the universe and the universe will hear you and reward you more positive things.

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