Monday, September 19, 2016


All of the questions that you asked will be answered. They say you should ask and you will receive, yeah but not all the time. If you ask someone to give you some food, is he going to give you? sometimes yes and sometimes no. But one thing is for sure, he will answer if he will give you or not. You will always get an answer, that is the beauty of asking. Even if the person should answer didn't say anything at all, you still get an answer and that is NO.

Because not all the time you will receive if you ask. If you ask your boss to give you an increase, are you going to get it immediately? definitely not but still you will get the answer. If you ask your mother to give you 100 dollars, is she going to give you? sometimes yes but most of the time the answer is no. Well at least you try even though you already knew the answer.

The idea here is how will you know if you're going to get it if you will not ask? don't be afraid of the answer. What matters is you ask and you are expecting to receive something. If you don't ask the answer is automatic no. No one will say yes if they don't know what you need. No one will give you something if you are not asking. But always keep in mind that not all the time you will get something, based on my experience the answer NO is more than the answer YES.

Why are you always getting the answer NO? There are main reasons why are you getting it. It has nothing to do with luck or the world being unfair. You get that answer because it is your fault.

1. You are never sincere when asking. There is no feelings in your part, you just ask and people can't see that you are serious. If you want a better answer, you should pair your question with emotion. They must feel that you are sincere and you are here for business. You've got to connect your soul to the person you are asking, there must be a mutual connection between the two of you. There must be some kind of a spark to convince him/ her. When you will ask someone, put all of your emotions with the question. They should feel the energy withing you that you are up for something.

2. You have no confidence when asking. Confidence is everything, have you seen someone who just ask for the first time then he will get what he wants immediately? I envy those people who seems like they have a power of convincing. They just ask for the first time and then they will get what they needed. One thing I've noticed about them is they were very confident. They never hesitate, they never project a weak self image. They feel like they are the boss and they can get anything they want. Always feel confident when you will ask for something, confident but not cocky. You should also think that it is ok if they say NO, you should not feel the pressure of making them say YES because the will make you look unlikable. Have the confidence that you can get what you want but don't get disappointed when you didn't get it.

3. Your intention is not clear. You will ask but you are expecting multiple answers. You should expect only one answer and that is your intention. You can't settle for less. If you are asking the universe to give you one million dollars in one year then your expected answer should also be one million, not five hundred thousand, not twenty thousand. Your intention should be clear so you will get what you really want and not an answer that is just somehow similar. Be bold and tell them what you really want.

4. You can't look straight into the eyes. If you are talking to someone and you are asking for something, look him straight into his eyes. Show him that you are honest and you are sincerely asking for something. The one being asked will feel your strength and he will know you are serious to get something. He will not reject you right away, instead he will think about it if he will grant your wish.

5. You are not searching so hard. You will just ask one time and if you don't get it you will immediately give up. You should ask over and over again until you get your wishes. You will never stop asking, even if you have to ask for a million times do it. Look at those people who always complain about the difficulty in finding a new job. It is simply because they only ask once or twice. They were easily discouraged. They never look for different options where they can ask again. After asking once or twice, they will complain and act like a bitch.

6. You don't believe it from the very beginning. You just ask because you are trying to become lucky, you never believed it in the first place. If you want the answer yes then you should very sure that you will have it. There should be no doubt in your part. You have to think that it is already yours before you ask. If you were asking the world to make your life abundant, you should believe that you were already experiencing abundance. You must live with it before having it.

7. Your voice is too quiet. When asking, make sure your voice will be heard. Make sure there is confidence with the tone of your voice. Don't ask like there is something blocking in your throat or else they will never listen to you. Make your voice powerful, make them hear you right away. Make a statement and make the world understand what you need and that you don't need to repeat what you are saying.

How can you get an answer YES?

1. Make them feel that you really want it. Show it in your body language, show it in your energy. Make them feel that you mean business and you are ready to die for what you want. Once they feel that powerful energy, they will begin to think that you are deserving for what you are asking.

2. Don't show them a needy image. When I say needy image, don't show them that you need them so much. Make them feel that you have a lot of options and you are ready to leave if you can't get what you want. By doing this, they will feel that you are someone, they will feel your confidence and by the way... confidence is a very good convincer. It can hypnotized someone and make you get your goal. And if you really feel that you don't need them so much, you will have a motivation to keep looking for other options if you were rejected on your first tries.

3. Make a good interaction. Make the person being asked to feel your sincerity and authenticity. Don't talk too fast, make them know your objective and just enjoy the process of convincing. Tell stories if needed but not too long. Make them enjoy what you are saying. In other words, make them a little happy.

The moral lesson is... not all the time you ask then you will immediately receive something. Most of the time it is all about how you ask. Of course there will be an answer, it can be yes or no. If the answer is no, ask again, ask another person, ask for another opportunity. If the answer is yes... be happy and always be thankful.

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