Saturday, June 30, 2012

KFC Streetwise Cheese Top Burger

KFC Cheese Top Burger

Looking for new, delish and very budget friendly meal...? Cheese Top Burger is the new offer of KFC Streetwise Meal. Imagine eating your burger with the cheese on top. Aside from this new cheese a top burger, KFC Streetwise also has Chik'n Fillet Meal, Spaghetti Meal, Flavor Shots Meal with your choice of Sweet Chili or Mushroom Gravy sauce, each meal only costs 50.00php.

KFC Cheese Top Burger

KFC Cheese Top Burger is Original Recipe Chicken Patty with very rich Garlic-Parmesan dressing, sandwiched between soft and fluffy cheese-baked buns. It's not messy to eat nor greasy. My favorite is the garlic Parmesan dressing which is so so tasty and rich and the bread itself because it's soft.

KFC Cheese Top Burger

See that dressing... Hmmmm... If I can just dip my finger into it and lick it :) Cheese Top Burger with a regular drink is only 50.00php and you can also add fries for a total of 79.00php. Take a bite and experience this baked-cheese bread! KFC Cheese Top Burger is superb in taste and cost!!!

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