Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest Post - Let's Taste Bubbatealicious Choco Milk Tea

Author: Gilliza R. Misola 
A guest writer, my sister, a registered nurse and loves to have a blog of her own.

Bubbatealicious was one of the first milk tea place in the country I guess. Milk tea has been a Philippine craze since 2011, but Bubbatealicious (even unnoticed or unpopular) has been in SM City Fairview since 2008. Their stall is located at Upper Ground Floor, SM Fairview Annex (in front of Tribal Gear and soon Yakimix).

Matcha Milk Tea was their best seller, but then just to try other flavor, I chose Choco Milk Tea. Choco Milk Tea as I have observed consist of a tea pack, a choco malt pack, a cup of water, sugar, milk, and ice mixed together, then poured to a cup with tapioca pearls. Cup sizes differ from small medium or large, with 10.00 price difference. Additional Tapioca Pearl cost ₱5.00.

Other Milk Tea choices are categorized into
Pearl Milk Tea: Royal, Taro, Caramel, Choco, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Matcha
or Pearl Fruit Tea: Wild Berries, Mango Delight, Kiwi & Dew, and Strawberry Passion

Bubbatealicious franchise is also possible. Please visit their website or Facebook Page for more inquiries.

I’ll be back soon with more interesting post!
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