Thursday, March 8, 2012

Video: China Entry at the International PyroMusical Competition 2012

We watched the International PyroMusical competition for the second time this year; it's China vs. The Netherlands. I used my Canon PowerShot A490 10MP camera in recording these videos. Enjoy watching China's presentation below even if it's a bit blurry. I will publish the Netherlands entry on my next post.

 This time we got Gold tickets which costs 300.00php, but we just bought it at 150.00php courtesy of an Ensogo deal.

China's entry at the PyroMusical competition is genius. Why? Because I haven't seen those kinds of fireworks that they presented compared to the other 3 countries' entry that I have seen in person. China's presentation started with a story-telling, and in between the presentation there are 2-3 minutes gap after an approximately 5 minutes fireworks display. That gap is for the story-telling part, a lady's voice tells a story about a fox. Honestly, that part is boring not just for me but for all the other watchers that night.
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