Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red Ribbon Mocha Choco Crumble Birthday Cake

Red Ribbon Cake

It's my sister's 23rd Birthday and Mocha Choco Crumble Cake from Red Ribbon is her birthday cake! Mocha cake is Lenny's (my sister's nickname) favorite that's why I bought this treat for her! Mocha Choco Crumble Cake is made up of layers of chiffon cake, bits crunchy chocolate crumble, oozing rich mocha cream, the base is crunchy chocolate crumble made out of rice crispies I think, and topped with chocolate and mocha creme.

Red Ribbon Cake

Though chocolate-flavored cake is my favorite cake of all time, this Mocha Cake good! The chiffon is very moist, chocolate creme is the best, crunchy choco crumble adds texture, and it's delicately pretty! You can enjoy this goodness at 550.00php or $13.10 and it's worth it! Red Ribbon cakes are affordable compared to upper class Bakeshops, the cakes are of high quality and taste, and they have many branches in the Metro.
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Anonymous said...


Just as I pressed enter after addressing your blog my level of glucose went sky high! :)

I've been trying to keep my mouth shut, and quiet but couldn't, almost licked the screen! :)

Thank you for this sweet sharing!

And Happy Birthday to Lenny!!

Gillette said...

Thank you for your lovely and humorous comment @untony :) I'm grateful you also followed my blog. CHeerS!!!

[pinkc00kies] said...

their choco mocha crunch and coffee crunch used to be my faves. i think they dont have it now though

Gillette said...

I'm not really sure about it. But when I bought this cake, I have not seen Mocha Crunch and Coffee Crunch.

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