Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pastel by Megamelt Bakeshop

What do you have for snack time? Try this Pastel by Megamelt Bakeshop that costs ₱12.00. Pastel is a pastry bread which is very known in Camiguin Island in Mindanao, it's a bun filled with scrumptious and luscious Yema filling. Until now I haven't tasted the famous Pastel de Camigiun so whenever I saw a pastel bread in any bakeshop I buy and taste it.

Megamelt's version of Pastel is just fine. The bread itself is delicious, soft and fluffy however the yema filling is so little actually I haven't tasted the yema so much. It can be perfectly paired with a cup of hot coffee. I'm still on a search of a perfect Pastel for me, I hope sooner or later I can indulge myself on the delectable Pastel de Camiguin.

You guys know where can I but it here in Metro Manila?

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Terri said...

This looks so delicious and so soft. I bet it would go really well with my morning or afternoon coffee.

Gillette said...

@Terri definitely it will. And if you're a sweet tooth like me :) you can also try it with hot chocolate drink.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Muncher Manny said...

mmm gotta have this one! My mouth is watery right now!

admin said...

So... yummy! I have to wipe my saliva I can't stand watching the pics really.

Gillette said...

Yes it's yummy but I prefer more sweetness and yema filling :))

personal cook said...

To be honest that looks more like yema spread rather than yema filling. I haven't eaten pastel that's as good as the one from Camiguin or Cagayan de Oro. The filling is just oozing with sweet goodness.

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