Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fancy and Gorgeous Cakes by Edible Ideas

Wedding CakesPersonalized Cakes

Looking for nice bakeshop (personalized cakes, wedding, birthday and even cupcakes) within Commonwealth, Fairview and Novaliches area? Edible Ideas is just around the corner. I accompany my best-friend Arcelie going to her second cousin's own bakeshop. I'm excited to go with her to check the cakes in store. Unfortunately there's no cake display when we got there, however they got cake albums which I took picture and posted here. They have a lot of varieties, design, and styles of cakes.

Most of Edible Ideas' Cakes are fondant and they also offer very cute cupcakes. When I'm scouting for the cake designs I recognize some of the cakes are for celebrities or tv shows from ABS-CBN, I asked Ms. Avic (the bakeshop owner) if she's a constant supplier for the tv network. Edible Ideas sometimes supply for birthdays or celebrations for the tv network.

CupcakesBirthday Cakes

Edible Ideas office is located at G/F ATN Building, Sacred Heart Village, Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines (across Our Lady of Fatima University-Hilltop, QC Campus). The office is righteous for visiting clients, you can walk-in any time. Ms. Avic, Bakeshop Owner and Cake Artist is absolutely nice and friendly, she answers my questions about cakes even if we're not ordering one. If you're ordering, they prefer you advise them 4-6 weeks before pick-upping the cake.

Edible Ideas Pricelist

Wonder how much it cost for a 3-Layer Birthday Cake or a dozen of Cupcakes? I took a picture of their Price List, please check the above image.

Edible Ideas Contact Info

Contact info of Edible Ideas and Ms. Avic. You can also visit their websites and
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candz said...

thanks for sharing this gillette! i've been longing to see customized cakes in your blog. its a good thing that the location of the bakeshop is quite near from my place.

Gillette said...

Hi candz! It's nearby at your place! Sa tapat lang sya ng Fatima Lagro. You can see the exact location by clicking the Location link Sacred Heart Village, Novaliches, Quezon City. Invite mo ko s birthday ng baby mo for sure magpapagawa ka nag cake dito :)) Take Care!

candz said...

Mark your calendar! My daughter's birthday will be on February 1, 2012. I'll let you know the details once I've made reservation. I'm hoping that my daughter's birthday will be featured in your blog since you blog anything under the sun. I'm not sure if I will avail their customized cakes coz it's a bit pricey. Hehehe. One thing I'm sure of, I'm going to try their cupcakes.

Gillette said...

I will save it now to my planner :) Of course I will feature Louise' birthday party on my blog! See you soon candz!

Ellyza Sebastian said...

Do yuo alao make mirror cakes?

Ellyza Sebastian said...

On october 7

Gillette said...

Hi Ellyza, I'm not sure if Edible Ideas offers mirror cakes. I think it's best you contact them, their contact details were on my post. Have a wonderful day!

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