Monday, August 15, 2011

WiFi at Home

D-Link DIR-600 Wireless Router

I bought this Wireless Router recently, it costs 1,800.00php at PC Domain SM Fairview branch. We've been wanting this ever since my siblings and I got Wi-Fi capable phones, Ipod, PSP and Netbook. We also have one desktop computer.

D-Link DIR-600 Wireless Router

D-Link DIR-600 Wireless N 150 Home Router, uses N Technology, its compatible with any hand-held devices or gadgets like smart-phones, mobile phones, music players, game gadgets and more. It's ideal for your home or small office!

D-Link DIR-600 Wireless Router

Installing is very easy, paperless manual, you just play the installation CD and follow the instructions there. The set-up wizard is genius, it will automatically detect if the cable you are connecting is the right one and the installation process only takes 5-10 minutes.

D-Link DIR-600 Wireless Router

It has four ports, meaning it can hold or connect up to four wired connections or computer. My broadband connection is Globe Telcom 512kbps, the speed is tolerable if one desktop PC, two mobile phones and one laptop is using the same connection.
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Angelo the wannabe computer Nerd said...

Wow this router is very easy to use... I have a coffee shop and my competitors are beating me with their wifis I better install a router now or else my coffee shop will turn into a water shop..tanks lette for the wonderful post...

lette's haven said...

@Angelo u can purchase this kind of wireless router for approx $43, not that expensive for a businessman like u. Make your coffee shop a wifi spot to drive more and more customers :) Cheers!

poppr82 said...

panu po ba ung cable wire nung router saan po ilalagay kpag may dsl or modem?

Gillette said...

hi poppr82! sorry for not responding quickly. there should be a lan cable connected from your modem papunta sa router. hope this helps! keep visiting my blog!!! thanks!!!

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