Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thirst Quenchers from Fish & Co.

One thing I like about Fish & Co. restaurant is their "Fish Quenchers!" I miss those cool new flavors of shakes that they offer especially nowadays, the weather is so hot and humid! A Must-Try from Fish & Co., I recommend these drinks!

ღ Fish & Co.'s Signature Drink - Kola Tonic

Kola Tonic
Kola Tonic

Taste like a regular Cola drink, it's impressive because it's clear, cola are caramel in color. Kola Tonic is clear, the bottom part has the only cola color.

ღ Sharkie Freeze

Sharkie Freeze
Sharkie Freeze

It's a Passion Fruit shake, the flavor is a bit strong and a little bit sour. It's name suits it, 'Sharkie' strong, crisp and sharp.

ღ Sea Monkey Freeze

Sea Monkey Freeze
Sea Monkey Freeze

Pineapple shake, refreshing and luscious!

ღ Mermaid Freeze

Mermaid Freeze
Mermaid Freeze

Mango and carrot blended in this freeze, an interesting team-up! Very tropical and amazing, this is my favorite among the four.
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Style Dilettante said...

Did you have a brain freeze after all those scrumptious drinks?!! They look incredible!

lette's haven said...

Thanks Style Dilettante for checking my blog! Yup these drinks are really awesome!!! U must try it :)

Christine said...

those drinks look delish!
thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :)

D'Drunken Master Britney said...

I've tried the mermaid freeze and it makes my body so cold, there is some ingredient that I cannot explain some kind of a red wine or something, idont know its really hard to tell but its awesome

lette's haven said...

Thanks for visiting back my blog @Christine, appreciate it ;)

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