Friday, July 22, 2011

Gelato Flavors

Can't get enough of Gelatissimo? I think I need to taste all the flavors they offer. So what we have here are Chocolate Chip Gelato and Mango Tango with Hot Nutella Gelato. I know it's a bit expensive, but lucky for me I got those two scoops for the price of one!

I got discount coupons from Trinoma Cinema tickets, "Gelatissimo buy one scoop and get one free," so nice! Every time you watch a movie at Trinoma check your tickets, surely you'll have discount coupons from one to three restaurants or establishments such as Fish & Co., Gelatissimo, Timezone and more.

Going back to this luscious cold dessert...

First stop, Mango Tango with Hot Nutella Gelato in cone: the combination of fruity & tangy mango and sweet Nutella (Ferrero's hazelnut-flavored spread) is awesome, you might get another scoop! The wafer cone is very crispy and delicious, different from the one we get from grocery stores.

Next one is Chocolate Chip Gelato in cup: creaminess is overflowing, vanilla gelato loaded with bits and chunks of chocolate chip that explodes is your mouth and amazingly it's not too sweet.

Regular price for a scoop of gelato in cone or cup is 110.00php, but I got two for the price of one. I would love to taste all Gelatissimo's gelato.

Lovely. Inspiring. Life.

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candz said...

i'd love to try this.

lette's haven said...

candz I recommend you try this one! Taste all the flavors before choosing one, it's free & cool! The staff are very friendly, you don't have to worry or be shy.

Anonymous said...

Any idea how big (in ml)that cup is?

Gillette said...

honestly... I don't know the size in ml. But one scoop is enough for me :) thanks for visiting my blog... keep having fun!

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