Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pepeton's Grill and Catering

Pepeton's Grill and Catering is known for their "Kapalmuks" or Fried Pork Face! I've already tried it before but wasn't able to blog about it. Pepeton's Grill and Catering takes pride in their hot-off-the grill meat and seafood dishes.

Here's the restaurant's interior, its dim lighted, cozy, well ventilated, and perfect for families. 

Pepeton's also has a veranda and grilling area that's perfect for barkada night outs.

My husband and I dined-in in this restaurant because I want to taste their other food choices. I expect it to be special and extraordinary just like their Kapalmuks, which I really like! This was during lunch time, I think their customers were frequent during night time given that the restaurant has a big space.

First stop is Pepeton's Palabok Rice, which costs ₱199, rice cooked in Palabok sauce topped with shrimps, hardboiled egg, chicharon (pork rind) bits, and spring onions. We we're so curious about this so we immediately pick this one from the menu. It really tastes like Palabok, just a milder version and with less sauciness. I think it is worthy for its price because the serving is big. However, the shrimps were a bit overcooked and the chicharon (pork rind) bits were makunat.

Hot-off-the-grill is this Grilled Blue Marlin ₱325. My husband loves Grilled Blue Marlin so whenever this dish is on the menu, we order it. Unfortunately, we were not so happy about Pepeton's Grilled Blue Marlin because it was overcooked and I think the fish wasn't fresh anymore before it went to the grill.

Last is Pepeton's Chopsuey that costs ₱179, a classic Chinese dish that has various vegetables and meat in a starchy thickened sauce. Vegetables were cooked just the right way, it taste good but nothing extraordinary, and the price is just right because of the serving.

Here's Pepeton's Grill and Catering Menu, check out their other food offerings.

Aside from grilled dishes, Pepeton's Grill and Catering has a wide variety of Filipino food choices, their Appetizer alone has twenty variants.

They have Soup, Noodles, Vegetable dishes, Seafood, Pork, Fish, Barbecue dishes, Chicken, and even Goat meat dishes.

Our dining experience at Pepeton's Grill was okay, although it didn't reach my expectation. The staffs were courteous and friendly. 

Pepeton's Grill and Catering is located at 109 Mother Ignacia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City.
For more info you can visit Pepeton's Grill and Catering Facebook page or Website.

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