Sunday, April 9, 2017


If someone knocks on your door and offers you a product or something, your momentum has been stopped, your focus was cut. You feel bad, you feel disappointed because you're already on a roll and there is something that stops your progress. You feel angry because that something that stops you is not related to your goal, it is full of shit and worthless but it is what it is, you have to move one, you have to go back fast from what you are doing because you might lose your momentum forever if you keep on dealing with your bad emotions. Just completely get rid of that bad emotion and go back working.

Always remember that it is normal to have some disturbance, it is part of the process and you can't do anything about it. You can't have control on everything but you have full control of yourself, you can shut down the part of your brain that is telling you to feel bad and curse everything.

You should handle your emotions very well, stop giving value too much to petty things that won't help you. Once something stops your momentum, have the ability to go back fast to your original state. Go back to your work and forget what happened. Because the moment you go back to your work, even if you still feel bad, that negative emotion will slowly go away, you will feel better in a little while. You will have your momentum back and be on a roll again. This time you will move faster and stronger because you knew that you have to make up for the time that you've lost.

It is possible to get rid of bad emotions fast, I don't know why a  lot of people are dwelling on small things that affects them too much. I don't know why they are so invested on small things that doesn't matter, I think they think that they are going to live forever. If you know that life is short then you must learn how to enjoy things even the bad ones because those ugly moments are still part of your life and you cannot do anything to erase it. You just need to accept it and be ok with it.

Because what is the point of getting mad on small things that cannot even change your life? There is no point on making an argument for something that will only make your day bad.

Real successful people doesn't care if something goes wrong and it is just a minor issue. Their ability to come back fast on what they are doing makes them so special. They were so focused on getting their goals that is why small bumps on the road cannot rattle them or disturb them. They don't wanna waste any second for something stupid, all they care about is taking the next step and the next one and the next one. Anything that is not related to their business, they don't care about it.

If you can't get rid of your bad emotion after experiencing a sudden disturbance then just think about your goal or what you are trying to accomplished. Think about it and then you will find yourself taking actions again. You will feel good again and your mood will lighten up as if nothing happened. It is like building your castle in sand then suddenly a wind made it deformed and then you will put it back on its original appearance again. It is easy just take the necessary action, take the next step and then let everything take care of itself.

Because if you will not go back fast then you will be stuck in a mud, you will remain disturbed for a very long time and that is not good for your life.

Another method that will make you go back to your work or project is simply drinking water. Just drink one cold glass of water so your mind will be able to think clearly. It will make your blood circulate well and you will be able to pause for a moment and think what will be better for your life. Water is a good stress reliever, not too many people know it. It is good for making your body function better, it will make the blood in your mind flow well.

Another good method that will bring you to your normal state is breathing. Just breath deeply for a few times, you can breathe at last 20 times, inhale to the fullest and exhale to the fullest. This will also clean your troubled mind and make you think clearly again. It is like meditating. Breathing will remove your negative thoughts and will restart your brain to zero. It is like emptying your brain so you can have a fresh start.

A lot of people is having trouble in their life because if someone disturbs them, they will get mad immediately and they will allow themselves to ruin their day. It is not the cause of disturbance that makes you mad, it is how you react and how you see the situation. If you can only accept the wild randomness of life then you will not always get mad.

You can restart anytime you want, nobody is stopping you from going back to your work. And that is the beauty of life, you can start all over again and no one can stop you. Life goes on, it never stops until you die, you can move anytime you want and make a very strong momentum again.

If you failed at something, let's say you take a bar exam, you studied for 3 brutal months, you almost got crazy but you manage to take care of your sanity. And when the exam is there, you have a difficulty, you struggle during the exam, after waiting for the result... you failed. You got depressed, you got pissed off, you feel like your efforts were wasted. But what can you do? it already happened.

The only thing you can do is try next time. Because if you really want it then you have to go for it even if it takes a million try... you have to do it. Just go back fast, go and review your lessons again. You don't need to listen to what people say that you are no good and you have to stop. They were no better than you, all they can do is talk. You don't need their feedback, go to your room and bust your ass reviewing what is needed to be reviewed. That is the only way to do it.

Because the only way yo recover and avoid depression is to go back to what you are doing and try harder next time, there is no other way around. Because if you stop and think about a lot of things then you might get crazy. Action will remove your depression. You can recover by taking it one step closer.

There will always be setbacks, there will always be troubles but those are nothing if your commitment is very high and you don't keep your eyes off to your goals. It is normal to experience some disturbances, there is nothing wrong with that. You shouldn't allow yourself to get emotional and

No successful person has ever experienced a smooth sailing to success. Every big time success has experience a very strong adversity.

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