Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Almost all of us will experience and feel the lack of money. It happens to almost everyone, even if your financial status is stable now, there will still be some adversities along the road that will test your character when it comes to dealing with challenges. Sometimes you will really feel that you lack money and you need more. Don't feel threatened, all you need to do is make small adjustments and you will be able to get your momentum again and keep the money rolling.

1. Check your emotions. If you feel bad, if you are always angry and hot headed then you will not attract money so fast. It is because you are building an negative energy that prevents you from attracting money. Look at those gamblers who already lost for a couple of games, they keep on losing and losing. It is because they don't feel good anymore, they were very frustrated and scared that is why they can't think of another strategy to win again. All of their decisions were wrong because they are feeling negative. They are rushing things and wanting to get their money back which is not a good thing. You need a lot of patience to attract money, you need to feel good and entertain happy thoughts.

2. Look for another way to earn money. Sometimes you need to be realistic. If your business is not doing good anymore then it is time for you to do other things. If you really love your business then don't close it, try to maintain it but you also need to look for other options that will give you money. Once you find another way, you can make the money flow again. Be smarter and study very well in making decisions. As the saying goes "if you can't find money in this place the look for another place" as simple as that.

3. Check your activities. Sometimes your activities are blocking you from earning money because it is not connected to abundance. If you are drinking everyday, even though you have work and you are earning then chances are you might lost a lot of money because more money is going out than going in. Same as in gambling, if you are gambling a lot and you are losing a lot then you better stop that shit right away. Even if you are earning millions but you are also losing millions then you are just wasting your time. Always check your activities because sometimes you don't notice it because you are enjoying too much.

4. Cut your expenses. This is a sad thing especially if you're are so use to spending too much. You have to cut your expenses so you can make a way for the money to enter your life again. You will feel more abundant if more money is going in than going out. Did you know someone who earns big money but has a lot of debts? check how he handles money... once he got his paycheck he will burn it for useless things. It becomes his habit to spend and spend that is why he cannot hold his money for long. You have to cut your expenses whether you like it or not so you can make adjustments to your lifestyle and let more money come into your life.

5. Stop worrying. Money hates people who worries about losing it. If you worried a lot about money then you won't be able to attract more of it. Rich people attracts money, they are not earning it. They just wait for it to come by making good decisions and of course working harder. That is why their supply of money is unlimited because they don't have any limitation for it. They just think of strategies, execute it and wait for the money to come. They don't worry about money, they knew that it will come into their life if they are on the right path. That is why rich people were making money on their own, they were not dependent from companies or other means that has fixed income. They always knew that they can earn more and possibilities are limitless.

6. Make a breathing room. Sometimes you just need to stop and let the storm pass away if money is not coming into your life. Sometimes you just need to breathe especially if you are in business, there will be a time where money is very slow to come so you just need to wait and breathe and of course do something positive to attract it. Just wait a little more time and don't make reckless decisions.

7. Hold your money longer. Money attracts more money, if you have money in your hands, it is better not to spend it if you can. Preserve your money, put it in the bank if you want. Even if you only have 100 bucks left, don't spend it. Hold it until it multiplies. The idea here is your mind is always aware that you still have something. You will feel comfortable and you will feel secure in someways. Having money in your hands produces good feelings so there is a big tendency that it may multiply. look at those rich people... they always have money in their hands and in their bank, they never spend all of their money. Even if their businesses are not working, you will not feel that they are suffering. It is because they can make their money rotate, they were very good in managing money. They knew that it is just a matter of time before their business clicks again so all they have to do is wait and count the money on their hands. They never get worried, they never panic, that is what having money in your hands does... it will make you think right,

8. Stay away from people that are broke. If you know someone who is broke... stay away from that person. He will not contribute anything to your progress, he may even pull you down by borrowing some money from you and giving you ideas that are worthless. It is not being picky and judgemental, you just know what is good for your life. Associate yourself with people who are rich or have financial freedom so you can also copy their attitude in dealing with money.

Making money is very easy, maintaining and multiplying it is more difficult because you have to make wise decisions. There are lot of tempting things that surrounds you that may take away your money. You have to become wise, be aware of the people around you, be aware of the momentum of your money. If money is not entering your life then you should accept, don't pretend that everything is alright because it is not. Accept that your money is going down and take right actions immediately. If your money is piling up then you should keep on dong what you are doing and never stop.

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