Thursday, October 13, 2016


This is one way to live your life easier and more positive... think that everything that happens is in your favor. If there is a bad thing that happens to you, always think that there is a hidden meaning behind it and you will discover it sooner when you are not feeling bad anymore. Of course you will feel bad if something bad happens to you but you should be able to think that it is ok and that emotion will be gone in a while. And if you will think deeply, think about your past and remember things... is there an emotion that stays within your forever? did you became happy for 3 s straight months without experiencing any sort of stress? or did you became sad for three straight months without even smiling a single day within that time frame? The answer is NO, there is no emotion that will stay forever in your system.

The truth is you are the one amplifying your emotions, you feed it by thinking about your problem so much, you make a negative emotion grow stronger by being negative and feeling so bad about petty things. Why not think of everything as an opportunity? It is possible right? There is no negative situation if you don't feel bad about it. And when you really can't help about feeling bad about something... just always think that it will be gone in a while. Never let a negative emotion stay with you for a very long time because you will have a miserable life.

If your mother scolded you and didn't allow you to go outside, don't get mad think, instead of it as an opportunity to study your lesson, you can have more time for your studies. Yeah it is lesser fun but it is more rewarding. Just do your assignments, make an advance study, do everything to make your time more productive.

If you didn't catch your flight for vacation... don't get mad, don't get sad, it is an opportunity to save more money and have more time for your family. Visit your mom and dad, do your vacation at their house. You will learn in the end that what happens to you is a blessing in disguise.

If your house was pulled by the bank because you can't pay the monthly payment, use it as an opportunity to work harder. Use that happening to increase your motivation. Instead of crying like a bitch, prepare yourself to stand up and become richer so bad things like that won't happen to you again. Use it as an opportunity, use it as a wake up call and a sign that you have to change your life or else you will become broke forever. Always think that everything happens is in your favor and nothing bad is happening. It is a victory coated tragedy, all you have to do is look at the brighter side of life and make good things happen.

If you didn't earn money today, always think that it is an opportunity for you to find other things or do other things that will give you more money than your usual earnings. It is a sign that you need to do something else so you can put thicker bucks in your wallet. It is an opportunity to try different things that will give you different results. Just because you didn't earn money doesn't mean you can't earn forever. Just adjust to the situation, make small changes and continue living an abundance mindset.

Life is just a matter of perspective, it is how you interpret things. If bad things happened to you and you think that you are unlucky and there is no reason behind it then you will attract more negative things. It is simply because your mind is not in the proper place, your eyes won't be able to see the real meaning behind it, your eyes will not see the other opportunity.

Anything happens for a reason, it may look bad now but you can make it better if you will only be happy about it and treat it as an opportunity to experience finer things.

Life will become very easy if you will appreciate all the things that are happening to you regardless if it is good or bad.

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