Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I know it happens to you where you've seen someone better than you and you can't help but to get insecure. You feel that you've been outclassed and your confidence breaks own. It is normal and you don't need to feel bad about it for so long. You need to let go of that feeling because it is not serving you. As a human, it is normal to compare yourself with others and see if you're good enough but the truth is you're already good enough, you just need to make the best out of your resources and live a life according to your rules.

People have different levels, it is normal to see someone who's better than you because there will always be someone who's better than someone. There is no such thing as the greatest because you could be better than someone but another person could be better than you and another one could be better than that another person. It is crazy but it's true, one person could be greater than another person and so on, the cycle will never end. Even if you think that you are the greatest now, you will see someone who is greater than you in the future.

There are some problems if you focus on someone who's better than you, you should fix these problems right away or else your confidence will be in danger:

1. You will try to copy him or match him. This is what most people does, when they see someone who's doing better than them they will try to copy them or match what they've accomplished. I don't know why but they are trying to prove something which is not needed. You should realized that matching someone else's skills or accomplishments will only make you suffer and feel low for yourself because you always think that he is better than you. You don't need to be equal to somebody, you are already a winner in your own way.

2. You are competing. You will try to compete because your ego is telling you to do so. Especially if people makes a comparison between you and another person. You will compete even if it is not needed. You will try to show everyone that you are the better person and what if you lost? your confidence will go down and you will have a low self esteem. Stop comparing yourself to someone so you will have a peaceful life. If someone is better than you, so what? After all he maybe better than you in just one thing, you can be better than him on other things.

3. You feel you've been outclassed. You feel that you've already been dominated, you feel that your value and capabilities is on a lower level so you will just focus on your weakness and you will never try hard. You will never express yourself, you will not show your true nature because just like what I said you feel weaker and you feel that all of your actions will not be given an attention. You will always think that you are below than the person whom you are comparing yourself.

4. You will not show your true skills. Sometimes if you feel that someone is stronger or better than you then you will not show your skills anymore, you feel that you've already lost which is a bad thing. You feel that what is the point of showing your skills because the stronger person might just laugh at you. You feel that you can't win and all of your efforts will just be wasted.

5. You will feel frustrated. Of course, once you feel that someone is stronger than you then you will feel frustrated because you think that there is nothing you can do about it. Your mind goes negative, all you will see is the other person's good qualities, you will not use your own power and appreciate what you are.

But there are also some good things when you see someone better than you, only if your perception is positive:

1. You will work harder. You would also love to reach another level because you see a higher level. It is not that you are competing but you are inspired to also become great. You are not comparing, you just see someone to look up to. You will copy that person's work ethic, you will learn some lessons from him, it is either you ask him or do some research. You will ask some people how he did it and of course you will try to emulate his success.

2. You will know what level you are. If you can accept that you are not the better person and you still feel good about it then you will know what level you are, you will find what areas in your life that you need to work on. You will strive to become better because you know what you can do it because you've seen someone who does it.

3. You will become more humble. Too much success will make you arrogant but if you see someone who's better than you then you will become humble, you will begin to think that you still have a lot of improvement to do. You will realize that you still have a long way to go and you still need to make yourself better even though you're already reached a certain level.

The truth is no one is better than you if you will not compare yourself to others. If you are just focused on making yourself better each day and you are so focused on your goals then you will not even notice the people around you. You will not mind if someone is better or stronger than you because you have your own energy that you run. You have your own way and you use your own resources to become successful and live the life you want. You feel you are the greatest already if you don't look at other people's lives.

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