Thursday, September 15, 2016


Let's admit it, these money borrowers were really annoying and toxic to our lives. They felt like they were entitled to get some piece of your cake and if you don't give them... they will create havoc and make you look very bad, they will make you feel bad and they will say unpleasant things to you. They will even invent stories to other people and they will act like a victim and you're the suspect. They will try to get sympathy from other people and put pressure on you. And if you have a weak emotional immune system, you fall into their trap and submit in the end which is very wrong because if you show them that you are weak and cannot reject anyone... they will use you forever.

Now, why are these people acting like that? why are these people very inconsiderate and mean? I also don't know why. All I know is money borrowers were very good in smelling people who will lend them some money, they were very good in detecting people who can't say NO. It seems like their smelling ability for easy money is very strong. They have something in their minds before borrowing money from you that makes them very confident that they will get some pretty cold cash, these are their thoughts:

1. They thought that it is ok to borrow some money. This has been their mindset for so many years that is why they can't escape the rut they were in. They think that they were not disturbing someone's life by borrowing money. They always thought that borrowing money is just normal and all people do it everytime they have a shortage in money. They never care if they make someone's life difficult by borrowing money, all they care about is how to solve their own problem for the moment. They were very selfish, all they care about is their lives.

2. They thought that they can borrow again for the next time. This is very funny, after they borrow some cash from you, they will just wait for a few weeks or months and then they will borrow again. They will promise you that they will pay all their debts next time if you lend them money again. They will make you feel that you have to lend them money again so they will pay all the sum of money they borrowed from you. They never get satisfied, they will repeat borrowing money from you until you are allowing them. They were very abusive and their faces were very thick. Being shy is not on their vocabulary.

3. They thought that people believe their dramas. Before they borrow, they will memorize a script so they can make you believe that they really needed some money. They will invent a lot of dramatic stories to get your sympathy. At first you will believe them but after you discover that they were just making excuses... you will feel that you are being scammed. But these money borrowers still believed that people will buy into their dramas so they were very confident while borrowing some money. They were very confident that people will listen to their stories such as "Oh, my dog is sick I need to send him to the nearest hospital, can you lend me some money? at least 1000 bucks because I haven't eat since yesterday, ouch my stomach hurts", "Hu hu hu, the bank will get our house if we didn't pay what we loaned, can you send us a check? (the funny thing is they don't even have the strength to ask you personally), "Please lend me some money my children were not eating for 7 days" (but if you check the images of her children on facebook.... the son of a bitches looks like they were suffering from obesity, very funny). They have a lot of dramas and excuses, you will even laugh because those drams has been used for years and still effective.

4. They thought they can pay you. These leeches were very arrogant to borrow some money because they thought they can pay you. Their mindsets is this: they will borrow some money from you and then they will imagine that they will work hard so they can pay you. But it will never happen. Once they get some money, they will relax and live like they came from a royal family. They will burn your money so fast feeling that they earned it by themselves. And when the payment date comes... they were hiding like ninjas. You can't even see their shadows. I think they were properly trained to hide, you won't even catch them in their own house.

5. They feel that it's their friends' or relatives' responsibility to take care of them. These spoiled little brats feels like they were always entitled to get some help. They were confident to borrow some money because they always thought that people must baby them and care for them. If their wishes were not granted... they will act like they were hurt and it's your fault why they are not winning in life. They will blame you if they get hungry, not able to pay their bills and any other stupid excuses why they are not making it in life. They will always make you feel guilty if you didn't lend them money, these guys were very good manipulators.

6. The thought you are weak. The always knew from the start they can borrow money from you because they knew you can't resist them. They feel like you have a soft heart and they can ask for help anytime they want to. They even borrow some money from you even if they don't need it, they just wanted to buy some useless things in ebay. The saddest thing is they will even consider you as a weak person and very easy to fool. They will even laugh after you lend them some money so you better watch out for this guys, they were worse than bank robbers. They will borrow some money and then they will not return it without getting jailed. They were smooth criminals.

7. They thought that you have a lot of money. Sometimes you are even the reason why they are borrowing money from you. Sometimes you act like you have millions because you always allow them to borrow money from you. You will allow them over and over again even if you have nothing left for yourself just to please them and avoid them from getting mad at you. They thought that you are peeing money everyday and you never ran out of cash so it is your own fault too.

8. They think that they can abuse you forever. Just like what I said before, these borrowers won't stop until you don't allow them anymore. They will get something from you until they can. They will suck your blood and nutrition until you have nothing left in your purse anymore. But every person has the ability to wake up. If you are one of their victims, time will come and you will realized that you are being abused. There is no forever in borrowing money, one day you will get mad and you will stop the madness even if they get mad.

There are really times when you really have to borrow money because of unexpected events. But always make sure that you will return it. There are still some borrowers who were responsible and not running away from their responsibilities. These people were just experiencing unexpected emergency so they don't have any choice but to borrow money. But there are some people who makes borrowing money as a habit, they don't know how to stop and they don't know the word "being shy". Stay away from these kinds of people, they will bring you down. The will introduce poverty to you.

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