Thursday, October 4, 2012

iPod Touch Dog Bone Case

iPod Touch Dog Bone Case

What a pretty, elegant and simple iPod Touch Case? Do you agree...? This dog bone iPod Touch case is very sturdy yet pretty. My sister bought this for her iPod for just 190.00php or $4.63 at SwissTech Cases SM City Fairview Branch.

iPod Touch Dog Bone Case

There are plenty of beautiful design cases for your iPod, iPad and iPhone at SwissTech and the best thing is that it's really affordable, worth your money. SwissTech is located at the Cyberzone area of SM City Fairview.

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Allan said...

This is a good iPod touch case. Is it custom made with any other color?



Gillette said...

Hello Allan, SwissTech Dog Bone Case is only available in black. :)

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