Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Assorted Breads from The French Baker

Here good breads from The French Baker. My favorite bread from this bakeshop is Raisin Bonnet, which I had created a post four months ago. First up is French Baker's Brownies topped with chopped cashew nuts, these big and not-too-sweet goodies cost ₱37.00 each. They are different from traditional brownies because it is much bigger.   

Next is this tummy filling and savory Chicken Turnover. The flaky pastry is very nice and the filling is delicious!!! You can tie up this snack with a cold or hot drink like cola, juice, or coffee. This Chicken Turnover costs 74.00 each.

Lastly are these heavenly and blissful Blueberry Muffins which is 43.00 and Peach Muffins which is 37.00 each. Both are very fluffy and yummy, but I prefer Blueberry Muffin of course. 

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

try the coconut honey bun, mongo bun and ube bun :)

Gillette said...

I will try the Coconut Honey Bun, however I don't eat Ube & Mongo. But French Baker's Mongo Bun is my father's favorite :)

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