Saturday, November 12, 2011

The French Baker's Raisin Bonnet

French Baker Raisin Bonnet

Raisin Bonnet is included in my Top 5 favorite breads from The French Baker. It's because I love raisins!!! This is my snack earlier paired with bottomless ice cold water :) and I enjoyed it! The bread texture is not soft but not that hard and it's not dry, I guess the perfect beverage pairing for this is a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. It's not a sweet bread however the sweetness of the raisins jives in.

French Baker Raisin Bonnet
French Baker Raisin Bonnet

A Raisin Bonnet can full your tummy, it's ideal for snack or breakfast! You can have this raisin bread for only 16.00php or $0.38, anyone can taste this snack. 

The French Baker "Your Freshness Baker"
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candz said...

what's the top 4 from your list? just curious... i wonder if cheese parisienne is included in your list.

Anne said...

That looks delicious.

Katherine Martinelli said...

Yum! This bread looks delicious.

Gillette said...

@Candz don't worry I'll be posting my Top 5 fave breads here next time... You'll know it!

Yes this bread is really good! Love it!!!

[pinkc00kies] said...

its our fave too!! we usually buy a dozen of those :D yummy!!

Gillette said...

Yes we also buy a dozen of Raisin Bonnet or sometimes half! @[pinkc00kies] thanks for commenting on my posts, I'd love to have you as my regular reader, you can always follow my blog! =)

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