Saturday, January 21, 2012

My New Desktop CPU Unit

Desktop CPU UnitDesktop CPU Unit

Hooray!!! After 6 months I think, I now have a new desktop CPU unit! The specs are descent, good and worthy of its price. An ASUS for Motherboard, Intel Pentium for my Processor, Kingston for RAM, and Lite-On for my Optical Drive. My Hard Disk Drive from my previous CPU is still working, I don't need to buy a new one and it's a 250GB Sea Gate. I bought this at PC Domain, SM Fairview and the total unit cost is 7,105.00php plus 400.00php service/installation charge.

My choice is always ASUS and Intel Pentium! ASUS P5G41T-M Motherboard is Energy Saving, Turbo Key, Less Radiation, and has Quiet & Cool Design. It features are 2 DDR3 RAM slots maximum of 8GB, 4 Serial Serial ATA ports, Gigabit LAN Controller, 8-channel High-Def Audio Codec and 8 USB 2.0 ports.

Desktop CPU UnitDesktop CPU Unit

Detailed specs and prices: (1) ASUS Motherboard P5G41T-M 1year warranty 2,250.00php, (2) Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor E6600 3.06GHz 2MBCache 3years warranty 2,780.00php(3) 4GB DDR3 Kingston RAM 3years warranty 1,080.00php(4) CPU Casing with 600W PSU 995.00php(5) Lite-On 24x Dual SATA 1 year warranty 995.00php.

If you want in inquire for detailed specs pricing or anything contact PC Domain, SM Fairview:
PC Domain
2nd Level SM City Fairview
937-6229 or937-6224
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sell electronics said...

Intel Pentium are just the best processor in the market.

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